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Let it never be said that the writers and creators of The Vampire Diaries don't do it for the fans. Just recently, executive producer revealed in an interview with Zap2It just how much thought is put into the show for them, and TVD and now The Originals star confirmed the scene between Klaus and Caroline in the Season 4 finale was just for fans:

[There was] a responsibility for the fans who were rooting for Klaus and Caroline to at least give them some sort of resolve. That's not saying it's the end of that because there's the potential of crossovers, but to acknowledge that we owed that to them. It was really generous of [the writers] that after all the terrible things that Klaus has done, to give me something where he can come in and save the day.

In the season finale, Klaus told Caroline that Tyler was now free to return to Mystic Falls as Klaus is heading for the more humid climes of New Orleans for The Originals. But it's not over, with him adding, "He's your first love. I intend to be your last." Let's hope that carries into Season 5, somehow; he did say that they left things open for crossovers, like Claire Holt did.

Check out Morgan's interview with TV Guide below:


He's adorable, isn't he?

The Vampire Diaries will air on Thursdays on the CW, and The Originals will air on Tuesdays.


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