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SPOILERS ALERT: Warning! There are spoilers ahead. Turn back now if you're not into that sort of thing.

Is it me, or is Comic-Con the Glastonbury of the comic book world? Every year I forget to be organized and get tickets sorted and then I spend the duration of the convention envy-reading up on all the cool stuff happening there and trying to avoid Facebook as much as possible.

The Vampire Diaries panel sounded like a lot of fun, in particular. Entertainment Weekly were there and got to witness the lively back-and-forth between (Elena), (Damon), (Stefan), (Bonnie), (Caroline Forbes), Caroline Dries (writer) and (Executive Producer).

EW reckon that 'things seem to be in transition in The Vampire Diaries universe' with 'everyone…getting their footing settings and relationships'.

Ian Somerhalder said of Elena's choice: 'I thought they were joking. Damon never gets the girl. It's always Stefan'.

Yes, Ian. It's definitely got to be the first time in pop culture history that the rebellious bad boy with the striking eyes gets the girl.

Wesley then teased his costar, saying, "Don't underplay your sexy blue eyes! Don't downplay the Smolderholder!" Wesley, then advised Ian to, 'Enjoy it buddy. I did it for three years.'

The Juicy Stuff:

  • Yes! Julie Plec for president! Plec says she's not going to do that old soap opera trick of killing a healthy relationship immediately with Elena and Damon. 'One of the things that people always say is there’s no drama in happiness,' she said. 'One of the things we decided to do this year was to keep them happy.'

  • College is on the horizon, though the razor sharp Mr Wesley quipped, 'Why are we pursuing college education? We're all murderers.' Accola also observed 'The vampire girls can’t get away with the tricks they played in Mystic Falls.' Accola also divulged that college would also mean new characters. Photogenic new characters! 'There will be men in college. Some of them might even be attractive,' she smiled, generating audible excitement in the audience. Given that the entire cast already look like they model for Abercrombie, how much more good looking can these college men be?

  • What's the dealio with Silas? Plec teased ‘We will catch a glimpse of Silas and why he is the way he is.’

  • Something big's planned for the 100th episode, according to Plec, but she argued any details she gave would be a spoiler. Somerhalder joked 'It's going to be a nude musical episode. It's going to be awesome!'


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