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Season 5 spoilers for The Vampire Diaries are hot and heavy. Now, the show's has some quotes for us about what's going to happen with Rebekah and Matt after their summer vacation from the CW. With The Originals starting up in the fall alongside TVD Season 5, things could get a little tricky since Klaus is now heavily in the picture with the spin-off.

According to TV Guide, Holt said in an interview that showrunner Julie Plec has "has left the door open for us to have cross-overs and for each of the characters to swap between the show".

To me, that means that she's going to have the chance to do something about her relationship with her dear brother Klaus, too. Holt also commented on this, saying that Rebekah's relationship with Klaus might directly affect her other relationships first, saying, "She's going to have to mend her relationship with Klaus in order to make it successful and work for her". Check out another interview with Holt and co-star talking Season 5, Rebekah and Matt and more:


Rebekah and Klaus working things out? I definitely want to see that, whether it's on TVD or The Originals. What do you think will happen with Rebekah and Matt in Season 5?

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