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The Vampire Diaries season 4 ended with a lot of drama. Katherine became human. Jeremy was alive. Bonnie was dead. Stefan ended up at the bottom of a lake. So naturally, season 5 picks up in college. Wait, what? Yeah, I don't know.

TV Line has a scoop saying that since Klaus has left the picture, Caroline will be looking for love. And she's finding it in a (presumably human) man named Jesse, an upperclassman at Whitmore College.

Gurl, don't you know that falling for a senior is bad news bears? Making that work is harder than dealing with a vampire/werewolf romance. However, maybe she'll just be looking at this new character as a jumping off point to doing what you're supposed to do in college: Have fun.

I wonder if this means that we'll be getting a lot more music in the future.


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