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What. A. Ride. After eight very successful seasons, The Vampire Diaries said goodbye to the fans in an emotional and heartbreaking series finale. In its final season, The Vampire Diaries was already missing a few key characters from previous seasons, but none was more missed than the beloved series' main Elena Gilbert.

So, to set things straight — and give the fandom the closure they needed — Elena came back from her magical sleep in the finale.

The Vampire Diaries was loosely based on L. J. Smith's book series, but it soon allowed Elena and the Salvatore brothers room to grow away from the novels. If the show's premise began with Elena and the Salvatore brothers' love triangle, it also delve deep into Bonnie's magic, Caroline's losses and Alaric's sacrifices. Now, at the end of eight seasons, producer Julie Plec went above and beyond to offer at least some bit of closure to The Vampire Diaries remaining characters.

The Vampire Diaries series finale was filled with bittersweet moments that served as a fitting end for a great series. Carry on reading to find out how things turned out for Mystic Falls residents in the series finale — but be advised that there will be spoilers ahead.

Katherine, Queen of Hell

'The Vampire Diaries' Series Finale [Credit: CW]
'The Vampire Diaries' Series Finale [Credit: CW]

After a couple of seasons of relative peace and no Katherine Pierce to create havoc, The Vampire Diaries series finale brought the show's favorite nemesis back with a bang. Ms. Pierce — now, with Cade's death, literally queen of hell — was determined to see all of Mystic Falls burn with hellfire, but her plans fell through once more. Her newly-found power was shortly lived after all, and Bonnie (with the help of her Bennett witches ancestors) sent both the hellfire and Katherine into nothingness.

Matt Finally Made His Peace With The Supernatural

'The Vampire Diaries' [Credit: CW]
'The Vampire Diaries' [Credit: CW]

As pretty much the only person in Mystic Falls who actually remained human throughout the series, Matt Donovan had to face all sorts of supernatural enemies and dangers with nothing but his human intuition for eight years. But I guess one could argue that, after facing so much loss, the reunion Matt had with his father, his dead sister and crazy mom made Donovan rethink his alliances. At the end, he seemed to finally realize that Mystic Falls is supposed to be mystical and supernatural — especially with his sister's soul happily perusing the streets with Tyler Lockwood.

Bonnie Bennett (Kinda) Got Her Happy Ending

'The Vampire Diaries' Series Finale [Credit: CW]
'The Vampire Diaries' Series Finale [Credit: CW]

This last season of The Vampire Diaries broke everyone's hearts when Stefan killed Enzo right in front of the love of his life, Bonnie. The Bennett witch — who is no longer a witch per se — had very little time to cope with her loss before all hell literally broke loose.

Bonnie's super badass witchery — in which she was aided by her Grams and the other Bennett witches — was undoubtedly one of the best parts of the finale. And yes, Bonnie may not have gotten her happy ending with Enzo, but she knows that, when her time actually comes, he'll be there waiting for her on the other side.

The Ultimate Sacrifice

'The Vampire Diaries' Series Finale [Credit: CW]
'The Vampire Diaries' Series Finale [Credit: CW]

Between the Salvatore brothers, the line was ever clear about who was the good guy and who was the bad boy, but The Vampire Diaries finale delivered a rather fitting twist for that. Stefan has always lived in guilt over leading Damon to make the decision to become a vampire all those years ago and, in turn, Damon has made his best efforts to make sure Stefan knew he was to blame for it. But, between competing for Elena's love and defending their home and their friends from supernatural foes, the Salvatore brothers never seemed to agree on who was the better man.

Well, in the finale, Stefan gave his life so that Damon could live a human life with Elena — thus becoming the martyr he so often tried to be.

Caroline Has A Whole New Story Ahead

'The Vampire Diaries' Series Finale [Credit: CW]
'The Vampire Diaries' Series Finale [Credit: CW]

Though it was painfully sad to see Caroline lose Stefan so soon after they got married, it was also refreshing to see her with her daughters and Alaric starting over. More than that, they started the Salvatore Boarding School for gifted children — like Alaric's and Jo's girls — and Caroline got a generous donation from Klaus Mikaelson. Klaroline shippers, rejoice! According to Alaric, that "is a whole new story"

Delena Forever

'The Vampire Diaries' Series Finale [Credit: CW]
'The Vampire Diaries' Series Finale [Credit: CW]

This was never written in stone, but there was really little surprise in the fact that Damon and Elena finally got their happy ending in The Vampire Diaries series finale. After Bonnie managed to break Kai's curse — the one that put Elena on a deep sleep until Bonnie died — and everyone said their goodbyes to Stefan, Damon and Elena made the best of his sacrifice.

They seemingly led a long and happy life, until they eventually died and were reunited with their loved ones. Elena got to see all her family — Jenna included! — once more, while Damon delivered his "hello, brother" line to Stefan in the afterlife.

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The Vampire Diaries took us on a joyride for eight whole years, as we tuned in week after week to find out if Elena would choose Damon over Stefan, to learn Katherine's new ways to torture Stefan and the gang, to see if Bonnie would get her magic back, if Matt would ever get over the fact that all his friends were supernatural and to cheer for Damon to make better decisions. A whole generation of teens has grown older watching the series, and now they'll have to find other places to learn about friendship and sacrifices, about caring for others and coping with loss and, of course, about what it means to find true love.

The finale brought the characters full-circle, and put an end to an epic journey. Without a doubt, The Vampire Diaries will be missed.

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