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Spoiler Warning: Spoilers ahead for Season 8, Episode 12, so if you're not all caught up yet, get to it!

Updated 02/17/2017:

Earlier this week we heard from Elena Gilbert for the first time in a year. The leading lady of Mystic Falls awoke from her enchanted snooze, dazed and disoriented and looking for answers.

Now, we have our very first look, thanks to Entertainment Weekly, at the fully-conscious former-vamp, still clad in the same dress she went to sleep in:

Elena Gilbert Returns 'The Vampire Diaries' [Credit: The CW / Entertainment]
Elena Gilbert Returns 'The Vampire Diaries' [Credit: The CW / Entertainment]

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Who could she be reaching toward?! She doesn't seem nearly excited enough to be looking at her TL Damon Salvatore, but maybe this is the cautious optimism with which she'd approach her ex-TL Stefan? It's unlikely Caroline would have given her enough space to stand up before smothering her with maternal affection. Is it possible she's not looking at anyone?

When Elena Gilbert fell asleep for the last time in a magic-induced coma, fans wondered what all the supernatural beings of Mystic Falls would do with their time without Elena around to rescue. Then, before Season 8 first aired, rumors abounded that Nina Dobrev would appear in the series finale of the show. Well, that moment is finally here.

Elena Gilbert is awake! Check it out in The Vampire Diaries series finale teaser below.

That's a good question, girl.

'The Vampire Diaries' [Credit: The CW]
'The Vampire Diaries' [Credit: The CW]

See also:

If Elena's awake, it means Bonnie is D-E-A-D. Or, so we thought, until Kai made a surprise reappearance at the end of Episode 12. Were Damon and Alaric able to work with him to save Elena after all?

Even if Bonnie does die, main characters from Mystic Falls don't tend to stay dead for too long (unless you're Aunt Jenna). Maybe the gang will have instead figured out a magical loophole that can keep Bonnie in the land of the living while ending Elena's REM cycle a few decades early? And while they're at it they can bring Enzo back from the dead, and Tyler too. Jeremy will come home from Colorado and Klaus and the other Originals will drop in for a spell, Damon and Elena will take the cure and then realize how much it sucks being human and decide to go back to being hot young vamps, happy and together with only minimal man slaughter until the end of time?

'The Vampire Diaries' [Credit: The CW]
'The Vampire Diaries' [Credit: The CW]

That miiiiiiiiight be too good to be true, but we can dream, right?

There are still three more episodes to go before the series finale hits The CW on March 10:

  • "The Lies Are Going To Catch Up With You" Episode 13 (Feb. 17)
  • "It's Been A Hell Of A Ride" Episode 14 (Feb. 24)
  • "We're Planning A June Wedding" Episode 15 (Mar. 3)
  • "I Was Feeling Epic" (Episode 16) (Mar. 10)

There's a lot to fit in between now and happily (n)ever after, but the finale promises an "epic" send-off. Let's hope they do it right!


Will you be watching the series finale for 'The Vampire Diaries'?


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