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The Vampire Diaries' executive producer, Julie Plec, revealed a couple of hints about where the popular young-adults-targeted show's spin-off will be heading in its first season. The most striking and relevant clue is her underscoring of the clear differences The Originals will possess with respect to Diaries. Via the San Jose Mercury News, here are some of the most interesting tidbits of Plec's press conference for the Television Critics Association:

[The Vampire Diaries] was cemented in the idea of first love and the struggles of being a vampire. This show isn't about struggling to be a vampire. It's about embracing vampirism. It's about reveling in it. Some of these vampires are a thousand years old, and really, it's about the power of the family community and the power struggle over the family community and the supernatural community of an entire city.

It seems the spin-off will be more adult-oriented and explore darker themes than The Vampire Diaries, which was targeted towards a more or less youthful demographic who could relate to the coming-of-age problems the protagonists faced. Plec tried to convey this maturation with a simple analogy:

We like to look at it as we graduated high school and went to college and are getting our little master's degree in 'The Originals.'

The producers are hoping to draw audiences who might never have tuned into The Vampire Diaries for lack of interest, as well as longtime fans of the five-year-old show. Julie Plec added on that aspect:

We want to have a show that stands on its own and doesn't have to rely creatively on the foundation of the mothership, so to speak.

The Originals will narrate the exploits of Klaus Mikaelson, portrayed by , a werewolf/ vampire hybrid, as he returns to his home town of New Orleans. It will also follow Klaus' brother Elijah () and sister Rebekah (). More than a century earlier, the Mikaelson siblings had been banned from the Crescent City by their father. Klaus want to reclaim the title of 'King of the City' and awaits his soon-to-be-born heir, the first werewolf/ vampire + werewolf hybrid.

The Originals will premiere on Thursday, October 3rd at 9 PM (EST) on The CW, right after the fifth season premiere of TVD. The following episodes will air on their regular slot, Tuesdays at 8 PM.



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