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Since the death of Jeremy Gilbert () on The Vampire Diaries, reactions from the fanbase have ranged from sadness, to disbelief and hope, to "I don't want to live on this planet anymore." And just when things with Bonnie () were heating up, too.

Chin up, you grieving fans. There is hope that we haven't seen the last of Jeremy. Executive producer spoke with Entertainment Weekly after the episode aired and teased to fans that all is not yet lost:

Just because somebody is dead doesn't mean you'll never see them again, which, I think helps temper some of the grief when all is said and done. But his body is burnt so he is no longer on this earth.

One thing she couldn't reassure fans of, however, was that there would be no more deaths this season:

I can't promise that the answer is no, but I definitely will try not to shatter everyone's souls as deeply as what they went through last night.

So, might we be seeing Jeremy pop up at a later time? It's a definite possibility. I guess all we can do in the meantime is cross our fingers and hope Elena hops of the crazy train soon.

The next episode airs March 21st on the CW.


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