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It has been a joke for a long time that the villains in the have always sucked, unless you're on Netflix or your name is Loki. However, one thing that the latest film in the MCU, , has been said to have done is start to fix their villain problem.

With that being said, if the villain problem is truly starting to be fixed, then it is about time to start thinking of all of the good villains that can be included in future movies. One of those movies is . This was a movie that wasn't originally supposed to happen, but because of the success of , it was made possible. However, in Ant-Man, the villain Darren Cross, a.k.a. Yellowjacket, was considered to be one of the least successful parts of the movie. He was a rather underdeveloped villain, and his motives were rather vague. So for the sequel, it is going to be crucial to deliver a villain worthy enough for a sequel that was made because of the success of the first movie. For this villain to work, it needs to be someone who is close to Scott Lang, a.k.a. Ant-Man. The villain of Ant-Man and the Wasp needs to be Hank Pym.

That's right, Hank Pym. We're talking about the original Ant-Man, Scott Lang's mentor. At first glance, it makes zero sense why Hank Pym would ever be the villain in this kind of movie. But as you start to look deeper into the subject — as you look at what made Loki and possibly Mordo so good — you start to understand where this angle comes from.That's exactly what we are going to be looking at.

Comic Book Background

Back before Ant-Man came out, and they announced that Paul Rudd would be playing Scott Lang, and not Hank Pym, I was extremely confused. It was the first time that the MCU didn't introduce a superhero by using the original character. But the more and more that I looked into reasons for this character change, the more it made sense.

For those who don't know Ant-Man's story, the longer that Hank Pym used his Pym Particles, the worse of a person he started to become. This was even mentioned by Hank Pym in Ant-Man.

"I spent years wearing (the Ant-Man suit). It took a toll on me."

Pym talks about how wearing the Ant-Man suit took a toll on his body, that's why he couldn't take part in the heist against Darren Cross. Now, most likely, this could simply be talking about the suit taking a toll on his physical body, but what if he was talking about more than that? It is highly possible that this could be talking about the problems in his head.

Hank Pym has a story arc in the comics that isn't always the most family friendly. He has dealt with multiple personalities, as well as domestic abuse. When it comes to domestic abuse, Hank Pym has been known to beat his wife, Janet van Dyne. In fact, the image above is actually taken from a comic back in the '80s. Whether or not it was an accident, it immediately marked Hank Pym as a wife-beater.

So when it came to deciding the story for Ant-Man, it made sense when they decided to go with the second Ant-Man, Scott Lang. It's not a stretch to imagine that opted not to use Hank Pym as the main character because his comic book history doesn't fit with their family-friendly movies. That and the "passing of the torch" story to Scott Lang also worked better for that movie. So, if they wanted to use the Pym Particles to the point where they are worsening Hank Pym's condition, then not only would it make for great character development, but a great villain as well.

Emotional Connection

If you look back at what made Loki such a great villain, it's the fact that he had such an emotional connection to his brother, Thor. The same could be said about what it looks like they may be doing with Mordo in Doctor Strange. They made him an ally to Doctor Strange, and so by making him a villain in the post-credit scenes, the next time he goes up against Doctor Strange will be more emotional, as these two were once allies turned enemies.

If they were to do the exact same thing to Hank Pym, not only would it surprise the audience, but Scott Lang as well. Imagine the look on innocent Scott Lang's face as he sees his former mentor become his biggest threat. Not only would it have an impact on Scott, but on Hank's daughter, Hope. That relationship right there would be the most torn apart, as much of the last movie was Hank trying to rekindle the relationship with his daughter. So for Hank to become the villain would raise the stakes of both Hank and Scott's relationship, along with Hank and Hope's as well.

Follows The Story

Ant-Man in the Microverse
Ant-Man in the Microverse

At the end of Ant-Man, after Scott has traveled to the mcroverse and back, Hank Pym questions Scott about what he saw in there. More importantly, he asked if Scott saw Hank's wife, Janet, who went missing in the microverse. He then questions himself if it is truly possible. Now, one of the big rumors currently going on about Ant-Man and the Wasp is that Janet van Dyne would be returning, and possibly played by Sharon Stone. Again, these are just rumors. However, that rumor further supports the possibility of Hank Pym being the villain.

If this turns out to be true, then most likely what would happen is Hank Pym is trying desperately to get into the microverse to get Janet back. This could be highly possible, especially with the fact that Scott Lang is currently missing, due to the events of . Without Scott, Hank would seem a little lost, because he is missing his one key link to getting back to the microverse. Let's just say in this scenario that Hank gets to the microverse on his own. He gets in, finds Janet, and comes back. It seems good on paper, but once he gets back, things start turning for the worse.

Not only would Hank be changed, but Janet would be as well. She has been stuck in the microverse for decades now. She is not the way that Hank remembers her, but he is still in shock over the fact that he has gotten his wife back and therefore willing to go along with anything she says or does. So when both Hank and Janet start acting out of the ordinary, Hope would need to find Scott, who's with Captain America's team, via the Wasp suit. This will also show off her strength that we started to see in Ant-Man as well. Hank wouldn't really need a specific motive for what he does, he would just be blindly following a changed Janet van Dyne. If anything, he would end up being like what Iron Man was like in Captain America: Civil War.


In conclusion, the best way for Marvel to continue making good villains, is to make Hank Pym the leading force against Ant-Man in Ant-Man and the Wasp. He has the comic book background to go off of, and much like Loki and Mordo, Hank Pym being a villain would raise the emotional stakes for Scott Lang. Finally, his story would follow what was started in Ant-Man. Honestly, Hank Pym turning to a villain would be extremely unlikely. Knowing Marvel, it wants to keep their heroes pure, even the mentors like Hank Pym. For them to take a character like Hank and give him a complete character makeover would be something that people would not see coming.

So what do you think? Should Hank Pym be the villain in Ant-Man and the Wasp? Who do you want as the villain? Leave your thoughts down below!


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