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With recent films such as Green Room, Lights Out, Don’t Breathe, and The Conjuring 2 becoming successful at the box office, and experimental horror like Get Out generating huge buzz, the genre is stronger than ever.

Yet another film is turning some heads as brand-new body horror film will be coming to theaters very soon. An official trailer was just released which you can watch down below. Be careful, as the trailer is not fit for the faint-hearted.

Body Horror Has Been A Staple For Many Years

The film looks to dive back to the good ol’ days of the '80s when we had acclaimed body horror films like The Fly, Videodrome, and Scanners; a time that crowned forever as the king of body horror. We also had some great one’s with ’s Hellraiser franchise as well as Stuart Gordon’s Re-animator and From Beyond. One need look no further than perhaps my favorite body horror film of all time; ’s The Thing.

The Thing is a film that truly stands as one of the greatest horror films of all time, thanks in large part to its creature design and transformation scenes. By far one of the scariest was when the creature came straight out of one of the dogs:

But Carpenter isn't the only director known for utilizing body horror to a memorable degree in his films. Along with Cronenberg and Barker, Ridley Scott was also a master of the art in the '80s. When one thinks of Scott’s , they'll most likely immediately picture the famous dinner table chestburster scene. John Hurt’s impeccable performance gave that scene some extra weight as one of the most horrifyingly gruesome ways to die in movie history.

Of course, there's always the aforementioned Cronenburg cult classic, The Fly. was tortured and monstrous while slowly morphing into the Grundle Fly. As the film comes to a close, the full body horror is revealed as he completes his transformation into the disgusting creature.

Old-School Practical Effects Are Essential For Body Horror

'The Thing' 2011 remake [Credit: Universal]
'The Thing' 2011 remake [Credit: Universal]

We take familiar horror beats and tropes for granted these days. We love to poke fun at horror movie cliches like the gang splitting up, people tripping over themselves when running, and many, many teenage sex scenes. The horror movie was a hotbed of innovation at one point, but seems to be recycled these days. But sometimes, old-school techniques remain the best for a reason, and that's never more evident than using practical effects in .

Take the 2011 prequel remake of The Thing. While a fine enough film, it just didn't have the same impact as the first and left almost no impression on audiences, not at the box office or later as a beloved cult classic like the first. The jump scare factor was certainly there but something went missing in the shift from practical effects to CGI: the gut-churning visceral horror of the first. Take a look at some of the scenes below and you'll see what I mean:

As always, even with the best CGI, it removes the feeling of reality; the digital effects are there, keeping you from really immersing yourself in the horror. But worse is when the CGI is poor, as it is here, and the movie suffers because of it. Had this movie gone back to the basics, the effects would have looked far better. It may be cheaper and faster to replace practical effects with CGI, but it doesn't mean that technology always makes for a better finished product.

‘The Void’ Pays Homage To Those Classics

'The Void' [Credit: Screen Media]
'The Void' [Credit: Screen Media]

Based solely just on the trailer, it appears as though this film will bring back the body horror movie genre we’ve been missing for quite some time. While practical effects are still used and not yet a thing of the past, The Void is going all-in on the old school art form. If it can capitalize on the elements that made those classic body horror films of the past successful, and, if the story holds up as well, then we could have a gem on our hands.

The Void will be in theaters on April 7.


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