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After the Season 6 finale, fans had high expectations for the seventh season of , which they hoped would be filled with action and lots of awesome Negan moments. To a certain extent, that is what we received but it didn't quite please every fan. One of the producers even admitted that they had to reduce the violence after the extremely violent season premiere.

As the season progresses, let's take a look back at every single episode of the season thus far and decide which episodes were the best, the worst, the most violent, and the most boring. NOTE: I will update this list with the latest episodes after they air until after the season finale, so make sure to check back here to see where the newest episodes stand after each week.

9. Episode 6: "Swear"

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

"Swear" is sitting at the bottom of my list for various reasons, but it's not all bad. We are introduced to the Oceanside group along with new and intriguing characters that could possibly take on a bigger role later on in the series. But aside from a couple other cool moments, this episode fell extremely flat and was pretty hard to get through.

This episode focused on Tara and Heath, two B-team members of Alexandria who the show totally forgot to include in the storyline for a whole season. On top of that, the story is dragged out to the point where it could have been a side story in another episode.

One of the major flaws with this first half of the season was the failure of incorporating multiple story arcs into one episode. The producers knew the end goal was to bring Team Rick back together, but there were only three or four episodes worth of material.

If the showrunners cut down this story to 15 to 20 minutes, it would have been easier to digest. Also, if the episode included any of the main cast, it could have been more enjoyable. Instead, a majority of the viewers sat there asking each other "What's the guy with the dreads name again?" and had trouble staying awake.

8. Episode 5: "Go Getters"

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

"Go Getters" is being considered one of the worst episodes of The Walking Dead by fans, period. While it was a sigh of relief to see Maggie and Sasha alive and well after their brutal encounter where their lovers got their heads smashed in by Lucille, we started to get sick of their scenes in five minutes.

Also, the show has already established that Gregory is a total dick, and "Go Getters" kept hitting us over the head with that concept. Lastly, this episode was almost as dragged out "Swear" and it I wish the two episodes were combined to make a considerably better episode.

However, there are a few scenes that keep this episode entertaining. The one where the walkers invade the Hilltop and a pregnant Maggie starts running them over with a tractor along with old, dramatic movie music in the background was well-choreographed and entertaining. Also, we all cried of joy when Carl and Enid kissed for the first time and at the end of the episode when Carl climbs into the back of one of the Savior's trucks with Jesus.

7. Episode 3: "The Cell"

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

"The Cell" focused on Daryl's harsh treatment as a prisoner of the Saviors. We saw Negan for the first time after the season premiere as he tried to break Daryl with the ultimate goal of having Daryl work for him. Unsurprisingly, Daryl didn't give in and refused to say his name was Negan. Even though it was sluggish at times, this storyline was amazing.

At this point in the season, it was extremely irritating not being able to see any characters outside of the Sanctuary appear. Little did we know that we had to wait multiple episodes until we were finally able to see Team Rick re-unite and decide they were going to stand up to the tyrant leader of the Saviors.

6. Episode 7: "Sing Me A Song"

[Source: AMC]
[Source: AMC]

After two disappointing episodes in a row, "Sing Me A Song" finally re-sparked the audience's interest in The Walking Dead. This episode contained several iconic moments ripped straight from the comics while juggling some very important storylines that further developed the characters. The episode shed more light on Sherry, Dwight, and Negan's characters in more detail as Negan reveals that he and Dwight didn't start off on the right foot but in the end, it all worked out — at least for him.

Also, Negan and Carl's interactions were fantastic as some of their conversations were word-for-word from issue #111 of the comic series. The episode gave us a detailed look at Carl's eye and Negan's reaction was classic. Possibly the most exciting moment was watching Daryl escape from the Sanctuary once and for all.

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5. Episode 4: "Service"

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

We waited three weeks to finally see Negan arrive at Alexandria — and the wait definitely paid off. This diabolical episode was actually as much fun as it was heartbreaking. Negan and the Saviors barged into Alexandria and took all of their stuff and Rick literally sat and watched, defeated.

Every character from Negan to Rick to even Father Gabriel each had their own excellent moments and at the same time the episode did a great job showing how low Team Rick has gotten. However, this will all be a distant memory to them when they team up with the Hilltop and the Kingdom to defeat the Saviors.

4. Episode 2: "The Well"

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

After the season premiere, the fans needed a breather before we dove right back into the action. Unfortunately, the producers decided we needed a seven episode long break from the action. "The Well" introduced us to the Kingdom and their leader, King Ezekiel and his pet Tiger, Shiva.

Carol and Morgan are brought back into the equation and we get to see what they have been up to this entire time. They have no idea what has been going on with Alexandria, so they try and start a peaceful life at the Kingdom. It was a slow but refreshing episode that introduced us to a bunch of key players and story arcs that come into play later down the line.

3. Episode 8: "Hearts Still Beating"

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

We see Negan arrive at Alexandria once again, but this time he made himself at home. Spencer was "brave" enough to talk to Negan about the flaws in Rick's leadership, but in the end, his true guts were exposed. Even if you read the comics and knew what was going to happen, you were still on your toes throughout the entire episode.

Easily the best part of the entire episode was seeing Team Rick reunite at the Hilltop after such a long time. This episode is the beginning of the potential greatest story arc The Walking Dead will ever introduce: All-Out War. You can't hold back the violence this time, Gale Anne Hurd.

2. Episode 1: "The Day Will Come When You Won't Be"

[Source: AMC]
[Source: AMC]

How can this not be the greatest episode of the season? All of the other episodes on this list attracted controversy for its quality, but "The Day Will Come When You Won't Be" was controversial because of how violent it was. The cliffhanger at the end of Season 6 annoyed the majority of fans, but the Season 7 premiere quickly made up for it.

The tone was bleak, the audience was trembling, and Negan's introduction was absolutely insane. The way the episode was shot where it would flash forward to Rick's scenes with Negan and then go back to when Negan was about to slam someone in the head with Lucille was intense. The episode refused to reveal who died right away, instead leading up to the huge moment.

First, Negan played "Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Moe" and killed Abraham right on the spot — which most viewers expected at that point. The episode took a huge turn and killed Glenn, a main character since the debut of the series, right after he killed Abraham due to Daryl's "interruption," which most people did not see coming.

The episode went even further and we saw Negan almost convince Rick to chop his son's arm off — which normally we wouldn't buy, but they already killed two characters in one episode so anything could have happened. Overall, the Season 7 premiere was one of the most effective, memorable, and heartbreaking episodes of the show we've seen.

1. Episode 9: "Rock in the Road"

[Credit: Entertainment Weekly]
[Credit: Entertainment Weekly]

The mid-season premiere had high expectations to fix the wrongs that were done in the first-half of the season - which "Rock in the Road" did and even more! This episode finally saw Rick's group travelling together once more and it contained a large part of the story. We see them being rejected from the Hilltop and the Kingdom to join their resistance against the Saviors, but at the same time, a lot of hopeful things occurred and were set up.

We saw Rick and the gang stumble upon an abundance of explosives and they had to disarm them and load them in their truck before the herd of walkers reached them. This scene alone felt like the original The Walking Dead as the scene had emotion, action, and ZOMBIES (where have you guys been?!). This episode was fun, effective, and even included some action along the way and everyone cheered that the show is finally back on track.


Which Season 7 episode was your personal favorite?

Which episode was the best this season so far? Are you looking forward to the rest of the season? Tell me below!

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