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The Walking Dead certainly gets a lot of love from fans: it's the biggest show on cable and has won awards for its great work in SFX. One area it's never been recognized for — by the Emmys, at least — is the individual performances of its actors.

After yet another year of Emmy snubs, gang spoke out. Norman Reedus was quick to stick up for his buddy Andrew Lincoln, telling fans at the 2017 Walker Stalker Cruise that the gang are gunning for Lincoln to get an Emmy:

"We always campaign for Andy, because Andy's like our quarterback, you know. That dude, first guy on set, last guy to leave, we couldn't be it without Andy, so we always campaign for Andy. You know, the actors do, they're like Andy, Andy Lincoln. To tell you the truth I'd rather have the numbers and the love and a small amount of ratings, and get picked by five old women."

The cast have certainly been put through a range of emotions for their craft...

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The Walking Dead exec Greg Nicotero shared a much more cynical outlook on the situation, citing the tactics and

"I remember watching an interview, or reading an interview with somebody and they said, 'You know, people that need statues are people that want jobs, and that's how they get their next job is by winning an award. ['The Walking Dead' cast] have jobs, and they come to work every single day with the same passion that they came to in season one. If you get accolades from your peers that's a bonus, I don't show up to work hoping that someone's going to recognize what I do. I show up hoping that I can do better than I did the day before."

Is it a big deal that The Walking Dead has missed out on Emmys for its actors again, or is the love and appreciation of fans enough?


Are you angered that Andrew Lincoln and 'The Walking Dead' cast have been ignored for the Emmys?

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