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The Walking Dead....Do we hear MOVIE in the wake of World War Z? Yes it is true that there was TALK of producing a full feature movie, but Creator feels that a FILM might not be in the interest of one of the FASTEST growing trends since LOST.

Captivating audiences from young and old, The Walking Dead has peaked the interest of zombie hunters worldwide. Stirring up from the ashes of a comic book, television series and even a Video game released by Tell-Tell Games...this franchise has put the halt on movie talks for a while. The satisfaction of "where we are right now with this franchise" as Kirkman explained in a panel at Comic-con 12 has placed a new HOPE for the return of the fourth season of the television series...but will this be the END? Kirkman feels his relationship with Tell-Tell games might be the "NEW DIRECTION" in the franchise. Keeping the story going within his Zombie Apocalyptic world..."I want to give the story a new twist, making the FANS a greater part of the story. As a new cutting edge leader for the horror/fantasy realm of game designers, Kirkman hopes to not just TAKE MONEY at a movie theater, but instead immerse the fans into the world through visual graphics and video game designs...Is this the best move for the group who have made household names out of Zombies?

"It will be a great year for the Walking Dead, as a video game we find it to be the NEXT level of where to go next." Says Kirkman


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