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has been going strong for seven years now, but creator Robert Kirkman has no intention of slowing down just yet. The comic book writer has indicated that the show may be just over the halfway mark, with a possible 12 seasons in total in mind.

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In the latest issue of the comics, Kirkman commented on the question of how long it would take for the show to catch up with even the most recent issue — which, if past Walking Dead math is anything to go by, would mean another three seasons — and things sounded pretty promising:

"It took us 6 seasons to get to 100. It won’t take us 6 years to get to 200 and that will take us to season … TWELVE. And we’ll still be ahead of the show at that point."

The Walking Dead [AMC]
The Walking Dead [AMC]

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Not So Fast

Kirkman's comment could be taken two ways: Either he's dismissing the possibility of the show and comic remaining closely intertwined in the future, or he's hinting at a lot more Walking Dead to come. Considering the comics and the show have become quite closely tied in, it wouldn't be surprising to see the show continue to follow Kirkman's source material.

Five more seasons sounds like a great career plan for Kirkman and the rest of The Walking Dead team, but his wishful words aren't going to renew anything on their own merit. Not to mention that producing endless comics doesn't guarantee further TV adaptations.

The Walking Dead may be one of the highest rated shows on TV, but Season 7's performance showed us that what goes up may still come crashing down. Will The Walking Dead crash and burn?

The Walking Dead [AMC]
The Walking Dead [AMC]

Ratings have been dropping like flies, with Season 7's numbers dropping to the lowest since some of the worst-rated episodes of Season 3. Fortunately, they spiked again, but it did raise the question of just how certain the future was for the zombie drama.

If ratings keep dropping, the show may just get axed by AMC, leaving viewers with a bad case of Firefly syndrome. Or worse yet, the show may keep dragging on to its mundane end, relying on absurd plot twists and cliffhangers to keep those viewers hooked.

Anything Is Possible

12 seasons is a rather ambitious target, but Kirkman definitely seems optimistic. It's not exactly an unheard statistic, with other sci-fi series Supernatural now on 12, and The X-Files running for 9. Could The Walking Dead become one of the longest running sci-fi shows yet?

Despite declining ratings, the show still has a fair bit of narrative left to explore. Take a look at what's to come for the show, based on what we've seen from the comics so far— potential spoilers ahead!

1. All-Out War

The Walking Dead [AMC]
The Walking Dead [AMC]

Rick's group isn't the only who've had enough of Negan's terrifying antics. They've reached breaking point, in a good way, and are set to team up with Hilltop and most likely The Kingdom to take down that smiling maniac. There's been so much leading up to this battle of the survivors— will we finally see justice for Glenn and Abraham?

2. The Whisperers

The Walking Dead [AMC]
The Walking Dead [AMC]

After the war with the Saviors, the comics experience a two year time jump, after which some interesting new characters are introduced. The Whisperers are a group of malicious survivors who wear the skins of walkers in order to blend in with the undead, moving around undetected. If you thought Negan was a threat, you're in for a nasty surprise.

3. All-Out War... Again

The Walking Dead [AMC]
The Walking Dead [AMC]

Zombies may have drastically changed the world, but one thing's remained the same: Humans are still waging wars like it's going out of style. How else are you supposed to pass the time with no internet?

Rick's group are none too pleased with the impact The Whisperers are having on their community, and they're intent on wiping them out. Hopefully this means less mundane "character developing" episodes, and more action.

Considering how closely Season 7 mirrored the comics, do you think we'll be seeing a potential five more seasons?

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