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The second half of The Walking Dead season 4 is going to hit the small screen in February. AMC's popular TV show closed its midseason with a dramatic finale. Although there is still some time till we can figure out what happens next, in the meantime we can speculate with the help of the original comic book and the new-show-runner's recently shared comments.

In the finale, Carl () and Rick () found a bloody baby carrier and assumed that baby Judith was eaten by the walkers, so the grieving for the infant will definitely play a major element in the upcoming episodes. Rick was also severely beaten by The Governor that will definitely have some after-effect on his character. After the fall of the prison, he set off to the wilderness with Carl.

TV Guide spoke with new The Walking Dead show-runner and executive producer about the direction the series is headed (via CB). Gimple said:

It’s going to hit [Rick] in a way that we haven’t seen before. If it's just the two of them, [Carl is] going to have to step up quite a bit because circumstances are wildly different and a lot will depend on him in terms of them just surviving. They don’t have an awesome, dual-layer fence and brick buildings to hide behind. They're out in the world.

According to CB, in the comics Rick was suffering a very dangerous injury by losing his hand, which creator decided not to feature in the show, because apparently he deeply regretted it happening in the original. The wound was seriously infected during Rick's journey with Carl, after the prison went down in flames. Instead of losing a hand in the show, Rick was vigorously beaten by the (eventually killed) Governor. Judging from the producer's comments, his injuries will induce a similarly desperate journey with Carl in the wilderness, where Rick will suffer a lot from his wounds caused by the antaognist. It seems The Governor will haunt the next season too.

The second half of Season 4 is going to air February 9, 2014 on AMC.

(source: TV Guide via Comic Book)

How much do you think the show will follow the comics in the new episodes of Season 4?


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