ByPaul Aguirre-Livingston, writer at
editorial sleuth @ moviepilot
Paul Aguirre-Livingston

As we gear up for the October premiere of The Walking Dead Season 4, here's a handy chart to track those early fateful days between season 1 and season 2. It's all part of popular game developers Telltale's master plan, who have turned their The Walking Dead video game adventure series into an addictive force, especially with the release of the 400 Days episode as additional downloadable content.

It all gets confusing, as the end of the world usually does, so GamesBeat (via VentureBeat) put together the timeline for those mysterious 400 Days, which chronicles the survivors of the zombie-apocalypse — and its causalities - as they try to survive in the roadside diner.

Depending on your game settings, this may be different - but it definitely includes spoilers.

Check it out:

See the full-size image here. The Walking Dead returns on October 13.



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