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You might be busy getting caught up on The Walking Dead's latest religious references, but there's a long-running theme from past seasons that's still hard to shake.

Aside from the gnarly "W" carves into the Wolves' foreheads, one particular letter has popped up quite a few times throughout The Walking Dead: "A."

The most recent example of this was of course Daryl's super unflattering attire worn during his stint at the Sanctuary. Show writer Angela Kang explained that the letters on the jumpsuits were short for their various offensive nicknames — in Daryl's case, a**hole. But there have actually been a lot of references to this letter in particular.

'The Walking Dead' And The Letter 'A'

'The Walking Dead' [Credit: AMC]
'The Walking Dead' [Credit: AMC]

Redditor sebrebc made a post listing a few references to the letter "A" in The Walking Dead. Aside from Daryl's jumpsuit, both the quarantined prison cell and the makeshift jail cell train carriage at Terminus were marked "A."

In fact, that letter was painted on many surfaces around Terminus. Termite Gareth later graffitied this same letter on the church where Rick and his group were hiding. And don't forget that Alexandria's most annoying resident, Sam, was marking his neighbors with an "A" stamp.

That's not all. As Redditor thewalkingwhit pointed out, Carl and Rick's blood type is A-positive. That's just too many references to be a coincidence.

What Does The Letter 'A' Mean In 'The Walking Dead'?

So what the hell does it all mean? Well, there are a few possibilities.

Redditor Aquatic-Nuggets noted that the Season 4 finale was called "A," and suggested it may have something to do with The Scarlet Letter. In case you haven't read it (or seen Easy A), the letter is used to shame someone who's committed adultery.

That would explain why Sam stamped Rick and his mom at Alexandria— perhaps he didn't approve of their budding romance. But if that was the case, then why did he stamp Carol as well? He also used that stamp earlier at a party to welcome Alexandria's newest residents.

The most popular theory is that "A" signifies being trapped. The Wolves may have been cleared out of Alexandria, but the community was still yet to be decimated by a herd. "A" was also used when Daryl was trapped by the Saviors, and when the Termites trapped Rick's group at both Terminus and the church.

But the one thing that may disprove that theory is the first ever reference to the letter "A": Carl and Rick's blood type. In Season 2 Episode 2, Rick has to donate blood to Carl to save his life. Given that they're both A-positive, Rick's able to save his son's life.

Considering this, it's possible that "A" is a symbol of strength and hope in spite of a desperate situation; a marker of resilience for Rick's group. After all, Carl survived being shot. Alexandria ultimately survived another attack. Rick's group escaped Terminus and defeated the Termites at the church. And Daryl escaped the Sanctuary.

If anything, "A" is a sign that things really are going to work out, despite the odds. Well, unless your name is Jessie.

Have you noticed the "A" symbolism in The Walking Dead over the years?


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