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With AMC's The Walking Dead edging towards the mid-season finale, there is a lot of speculation about whether or not The Whisperers are going to turn up earlier than expected. For those unaware of this faction, The Whisperers are a mysterious group of survivors that act as main antagonists in the comics. They wear walker skin to avoid being detected and are known as one of this biggest threats in the entire series.

Among this threat is a character called Beta, who is the second in command of the group — an intimidating brute with insane strength, minimum dialogue and zero sense of humor. He has grown to become one of the more popular villains of the comic series, so let us look as a few actors who the creators should consider approaching for the role.

3. Robert Maillet

Standing at a towering 7 foot 2 inches tall, Robert Maillet is a Canadian actor and retired professional wrestler formerly known as 'Kurrgan'. You may recognize him from Pacific Rim, where he played Lt. Aleksis Kaidonovsky who some fans have considered to be the Boba Fett of Pacific Rim. You may also recognize him as the hulking mercenary Dredger from Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes or as the main antagonist of Guillermo del Toro's The Strain in recent years.

If a filmmaking master like del Toro can see the brilliance in Maillet, then I see no reason that creators cannot. There is an added bonus that with a professional wrestling background, he could double as his own stuntman.


  • Overwhelming presence
  • Massive frame
  • Strong experience with veteran filmmakers
  • Intimidating voice
  • Stunt experience
  • Fighting choreography experience
  • Has a cult following


  • French accent does not match comics

2. Nathan Jones

Similar to Maillet, Nathan Jones was a professional wrestler with the , though a rather forgettable one. Standing at 7 feet tall, this cannot take away the intimidating presence he possessed on screen. Evidence of this comes in the form of a surprisingly great performance from Jones in George Miller's Mad Max: Fury Road in 2015, where he played Rictus Erectus.

Jones has a slight physical advantage over some of the others on this list, as he has more experience in heavily choreographed fight scenes with actors such as Jet Li and Tony Jaa. Not that we would be expecting that kind of display in The Walking Dead, but it shows how physical the actor would be willing to go.


  • Intensity
  • Stunt experience
  • Freakish size, proportionate
  • Fighting choreography experience
  • Mouth, jaw and facial hair match the images drawn in the comics


  • Lack of experience in reading dialogue
  • Australian accent does not match comics

1. Tyler Mane

With a list of popular characters to his name, Tyler Mane is one of the best choices out there to take on this role. Though not as tall as the others on the list, he carries an existing fan base due to his work on X-Men, Halloween and The Devils Rejects.

His experience with working on rather gory horror movies and accepting a role as Sabretooth proves that he is more than happy to sit in the makeup chair for a few hours and will likely thrive on a show that demands so many guts and brains to be strewn around the scenery.

As Michael Myers, he had to remain silent and channel all of his intimidation through the use of body language. He also had to wear a mask for the majority of the shoot, which was eerily similar to the shape that the role of Beta would require.

Mane, however, started his own production company, Mane Entertainment, which may require too much attention for the actor to take a main role with a show that requires such a heavy work schedule.


  • Experience in body language-driven roles
  • Would tower over the normal-sized actors
  • Stunt experience
  • Proven versatility
  • Existing cult fan base that could attract more viewers
  • Can act from beneath a mask


  • Busy schedule that would conflict with his own production company
  • Not as tall as the other actors that could fill the role

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