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Modern technology is amazing. As of two months ago, I had yet to see a single episode of Game of Thrones (I know, I know), and in one long weekend binge, I hopped online and watched all two and a half seasons that had aired to that point in 4 days (I justified this by telling myself I was doing it for work).

For anyone who has never seen an episode of The Walking Dead and are tired of being met with dumbfounded looks and expressions of complete shock when you admit to this act, which, in today's pop culture-driven society, is akin to telling someone you like to strip down Thursday nights, put on a pair of My Little Pony Underoos, and run around your neighborhood acting out various scenes from 80s classic "Who's the Boss?" to random passing cars (Not-not that I would know what that's like...), now's your chance to remedy that. AMC will be running a Walking Dead marathon 4th of July weekend.

The marathon will kick off with the pilot episode, in which protagonist Rick Grimes () wakes up out of a coma in a 28 Days Later-esque scenario to find the world has changed. Drastically. He soon learns humankind has been overrun with "walkers", zombie-like creatures, and he and the rest of the living are the minority, and dropping fast (the title of the show refers not to the zombies, but to the humans). He sets off to find his wife and son and meets other survivors along the way, and so the story unfolds.

The marathon will air the first two seasons, so if you want to catch the most recent third season, you're on your own. Still, if you haven't yet gotten the chance to watch The Walking Dead, I'd highly suggest you stock up on Cheetos, get out your pizza money, and set aside some time to watch this marathon. The show has been a cultural phenomenon and ratings juggernaut since its aired, and that's not by accident. It's made a fanatic of even those who don't care for the zombie genre. Now's your chance to jump in and surf the undead wave until you're a Daryl Dixon convert like the rest of us. Yes. YESSSS. One of us, one of us, one of us...

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