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Whether you binge watch or wait every week for a new episode, there's no denying that TV shows have become part of our daily lives. Fans get to experience the heartbreak, struggles and joys of fictional characters, who undeniably have an influence on our everyday lives. With TV shows playing such an influential role in people's lives, it's no surprise that fans would pay homage to their favorite series in various ways. One of them being Sunday comics, full-color comic strip sections in newspapers.

With comic strips having such a long history in a somewhat dead medium, the combination of old and new entertainment can sometimes turn into a beautiful and equally funny fan art piece. And that is the case with the following TV shows and Sunday comics crossovers.

'Game Of Thrones' Meets 'Calvin And Hobbes'

Although Game of Thrones dwells on the dark side, it's nice to see a change of scenery when it comes to Hodor and Bran's journey to the north of the Wall. In this Calvin and Hobbes interpretation, we get to see Hodor having a great time with his friend Bran.

'Empire' Meets 'Baby Blues'

Who else better to portray the craziness of the Lyon family than Baby Blues? Although the Sunday comic doesn't deal with music and other dramatic themes, it is, however, a perfect portrayal of two parents struggling to raise their children without killing each other in the process.

'Silicon Valley' Meets 'Dilbert'

Whether you work in the high-tech industry or have a regular office job, there's no running away from meetings, coworkers, and management. Consequently, both Dilbert and the Silicon Valley cast would encounter the same predicament regardless of the setting.

'Veep' Meets 'Cathy'

The outbursts of vice president Selina Meyer are hilariously reimagined in the Sunday comic Cathy. Cathy, much like Selena, struggles to accomplish their goals without getting tripped up by other complications. As luck would have it, something is always popping up to ruin the plan.

'Mr. Robot' Meets 'Garfield'

With one of the most mind-blowing scenes of Mr. Robot in mind, we see how Jon pushes Jon from the rails. Consequently, paying tribute to one of the most shocking scenes of Season 1 and paying homage to a "Garfield minus Garfield” meme.

'The Walking Dead' Meets 'Peanuts'

The Walking Dead is certainly not one to miss in this Sunday comics interpretation. In this piece, we see The Governor and Rick Grimes battling it off with fake guns while the rest of the gang prepare for zombie Linus (oddly enough without his security blanket). Missing from the crossover are Woodstock and Snoopy, who are probably scavenging for food.



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