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In the newest promotional video for Season 7 of some rather interesting moments have been teased, some of which won't even directly affect the main group of survivors until the back half of Season 7.

The repercussions of what takes place next are guaranteed to play a major part in the back half of Season 7, as well as Season 8.

Check out the promo for S07 E06, "Swear" below:

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In the promo, we can see Morgan is still hanging around the Kingdom for the time being. The promo also shows Morgan talking intensely to one of the Kingdom's knights, Richard, and the conversation between Morgan and Richard is of great importance.

Morgan And Richard Speak Of Another Group Of Survivors In Promo For 'Swear'

During the brief segment of dialogue in the promo, the conversation between Morgan and Richard has to do with meeting a mysterious group of survivors... could these be The Whisperers?

TWD show-runner Scott Gimple certainly suggests that, while this 'unidentified group' is not The Whisperers, we could see them very soon, telling Comic Book:

"If we've gotten this far without saying anything about them, I'd like the audience to discover this group when it's on screen. I will say ... I mean, it's not the Whisperers. I will also say, though, that it's not impossible that the Whisperers could come along or aspects of them could come along earlier than the timeline of the book, but certainly not this early."

Looking back at why Morgan is trying to help Richard with this unidentified group, he may have more insight than Richard does. If Morgan has some perspective on the situation and sees this odd group of survivors as being beneficial to dealing with the Negan problem, Morgan could be the first to seek out their help, despite this group of survivors following abnormal lifestyles — in the zombie apocalypse, what is abnormal? They're doing what needs to be done to survive and Morgan could see this and want to form an alliance with them.

Out of all the characters on The Walking Dead, Morgan is the most enlightened and his vision of allying with an odd-looking group might just display Morgan's vision for "what needs to be done." In comparison to Rick's mindset, Morgan hasn't always done this, but his newfound courage to seek out the help of others could be the first step in Morgan actually doing what needs to be done.

Will Tara Meet The Whisperers In Next Week's Episode?

Regardless of what transpires between Richard and Morgan, the promo for next week's episode "Swear" depicts Tara coming into contact with another group of survivors, potentially the same group referred to by Richard and Morgan in the promo. Regardless of what Gimple says, the group Tara comes into contact with looks similar to a very grotesque community of survivors from The Walking Dead comics, known as the Whisperers.

The Whisperers were teased before the beginning of Season 7 despite the timeline of The Walking Dead television series dictating their presence further on down the line. But with this Instagram post featuring one of the signature trademarks of the Whisperers from the comics, it's obvious the Whisperers are already on their way to The Walking Dead television series. The signature of the Whisperers is a decapitated-zombified head, stuck on pike.

Then tacking on Tara's potential run in with the Whisperers in "Swear," the Whisperers appear to be joining The Walking Dead earlier than predicted, and not necessarily in the way they feature in the comics.

The Difference Between The Whisperers In The Comics And The Walking Dead TV Series

In the comics, the Whisperers don't show up until Negan and the Saviors are defeated. After the three separate survivors' communities ally together to remove Negan from his position of power, the Whisperers become the next antagonists in the world of The Walking Dead — and they're not your average antagonists. The Whisperers manipulated their way into Alexandria to try to take the community for themselves but were foiled by Rick and company. The same could reasonably take place on The Walking Dead television series despite the Whisperers not appearing in the comics until after Negan is imprisoned.

The Whisperers' early arrival to the television series could actually be due to Negan's uncompromising force. As it stands, it looks like no one is capable of bringing Negan's reign to an end so the introduction of a wildcard like the Whisperers could be the only solution to the Negan problem.

Having the Whisperers assist in the play to get rid of Negan could earn Rick's trust while allowing them within the walls of Alexandria. In that scenario, the Whisperers would be halfway to the point of fulfilling their role from the comics. However, we don't know exactly how the Whisperers will be introduced when we account for their television counterpart being slightly different from the source material in the comics.

How do you think the Whisperers will join The Walking Dead television series? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.


Will the Whisperers appear in the same way they did in the comics?


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