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We all know that The Walking Dead cast and crew are more like family than colleagues, and as a newly released behind-the-scenes video shows, sometimes on occasion that means you gotta help a fellow family member take down a sandy, flesh eating zombie.

As you'll no doubt remember, back in Episode 6 The Walking Dead took us away from Alexandria, the Kingdom and Hilltop to check in with Tara (Alanna Masterson) and Heath (Corey Hawkins) on the road. The episode, titled "Swear," mainly focussed on Tara some how ending up in the mysterious Oceanside community, and over all it really gave audiences a chance to learn more about this feisty survivor.

Yeah, screw you Rachel, you murdery child [Credit: AMC]
Yeah, screw you Rachel, you murdery child [Credit: AMC]

As "Swear" progressed, we finally learned that Tara had been separated from Heath when the pair has found themselves surrounded by walkers emerging from an enormous pile of sand and blocking their path. As Tara fought for her survival, she even went as far as to kick a zombie in the face repeatedly until it was dead. It was a pretty cool moment of gore in the episode, and in a video uploaded by Masterson it shows that it was a group effort to pull it off!

Yep, when your executive producer and special effects guru is having to have blood and brains wiped off his face after a take I'd say you gave it your all! Take a look at the finished product:

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However, being a special effects makeup artist, Nicotero is used to getting his hands (and face) dirty for the love of the project, and has even appeared as walkers in several episodes of the series over the years.

The Walking Dead returns to with Episode 9 on February 12


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