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Matt Carter

The Walking Dead made headlines for all the wrong reasons recently when the Nation Enquirer ran a story claiming a "bitter feud has exploded" between Norman Reedus and his TWD co-stars.

According to the gossip rag, the cast are jealous of Reedus' popularity on the show and accuse him of "trying to steal the spotlight."

There's more. According to a source:

It’s especially annoying to Andrew Lincoln, who, as sheriff’s deputy Rick Grimes, is supposed to be the drama’s main focus. From Day One, Norman has been the world’s biggest self-promoter while the rest of the cast seemed content to let their work speak for them. But they’re jealous of the fame Norman has created for himself. They feel like second fiddles and barely give him the time of day.

I suggest you take a moment to smell the effluent pouring off this "story".

The National Enquirer is hardly a trusted source of rigorous fact-checking and honesty so it should come as no surprise that a rep has already dismissed the story as "nonsense".

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If I was involved with TWD, I would look at this story as a positive. The fact the zombie drama is now featuring in the pages of this gossip mag is proof that the show has finally made it. Because nothing screams "big time" like a fake-feud story in the Enquirer. Congratulations guys!



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