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Sophie Atkinson

Fantastic news for Walking Dead fans! The show got lucky at the Guys' Choice Awards, which is being screened on Wednesday night.

The Guys' Choice Awards reckon they're completely different to your usual Hollywood affair, and claim to deliver 'what guys want'. In practice, this means winners are chosen based on fans' voting (I dunno, do only the males of the species enjoy democracy?) and there's kooky categories like 'Our New Girlfriend' (Chrissy Teigen won this year, in the least surprising vote result ever) and 'Guycon', which was won by .

However, the factor that really sets them apart from the other awards ceremonies is their practice of announcing the winners in advance of the show being aired. I guess they figure the event is fun enough to watch for its own sake, rather than for awards suspense - and they might be right, because the internet's abuzz about Jennifer Anniston's comic presenting skillz.

Here at Moviepilot we were pleased as punch when The Walking Dead was nominated for three categories and won in two of these.

The categories they were nominated for were as follows (drum roll, please):

  • (who plays Michonne) was nominated for the Jean-Claud Gaud-Dam award

  • , who plays Rick Grimes was nominated for the Most Dangerous Man

  • and were nominated in the Brotherly Love category for their portrayal of Daryl and Merle Dixon.

Ok, so, time to guess - who do you think won? And who lost out and let the zombie apocalypse down?

If you guessed that Andrew Lincoln didn't win, then you'd be spot on - , who you'll probably recognise as Walter White from Breaking Bad won the category. To do Rick justice, Bryan is seriously tough competition - the man can do serious damage with nothing but his bare hands and a bike lock!

Let us know what you think in the comments below - should Andrew have beaten Bryan?

If you want to catch the cast picking up their awards in the flesh, the Guys' Choice Awards screens on Spike TV on Wednesday 12th June at 9pm.


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