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Given that the events of The Walking Dead are now taking place over two years post-apocalypse, it makes total sense that we've seen quite the change in the appearance of the undead. Back in Season 1 the walkers looked almost fresh-faced compared to the rotting bags of bones we often seen on the show now.

While walkers in earlier seasons were played by actors of all body types, in recent years have had to hiring very slim actors to play the heavily decayed undead. However, now the series have put out a casting call for a different type of extra to be featured in the upcoming eighth season, the catch? You have to be really, really flexible.

A recent casting call for was posted on that specifically asked for extras who were also contortionists. The listing reads:

Contortionists (Background / Extra): Males & Females, 18-50. Must be able to bend their arms and shoulders in various unique angles. All ethnicities.

Reckon you could flex those limbs like you're made of elastic? Well if you can and you're in or around Atlanta then you could be in with a chance to be a background actor on the show.

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

While the listing doesn't specify that they're casting contortionists for the role of a walkers, it seems reasonable to assume that's what the role will be. After all, we've definitely seen walkers in interesting and complex poses before. But the fact that this call specifies that the characters will have their arms and shoulders contorted so wildly is intriguing, and we can't help but wonder if it will be a scene taken straight from the comics or not.

While it's unclear what scene these contortionist will be used for, it is safe to assume that it will be in the second half of Season 8 as the show has already wrapped filming on the first eight episodes ahead of its October 22 premiere.

Would you rather play a walker or a human in The Walking Dead?

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