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The internet is mean. Or more specifically, the people on the internet are, shooting hateful darts across the web from half a world away, hiding behind their keyboards. Add to that every other bad, evil, illegal, or in some other way malicious activity in this world, and you often find yourself thinking these words: WTF, earthlings?

A good, recent case in point is how actress Alanna Masterson had to deal with body shamers, the scourge of the internet (one of them, anyway), on Instagram. True to her outspoken nature, however, she fired back at the body shamers, putting them right in their place:

Lucy Two Bows...loving it!

She not only can act, but she reacts perfectly, putting them all in their trolly places, using her star power to fight evil - just another reason it's one of the best shows on TV:

Her co-workers on The Walking Dead aren't exactly afraid of fighting for what they believe in, either. From wildlife to world peace, it seems like many of the current and former actors and actresses are also using their star power to make the world a little bit better.

Adrian Kali Turner (Duane Jones)


  • Founded Toys for Teens, like Toys for Tots, but for teenagers in Atlanta, Georgia
  • Youth volunteer for Star Eco Station, an exotic animal shelter in Culver City, California
  • Youth Ambassador for the US Forest Service's “Come to the Forest” campaign

Quite the accomplished singer, Adrian also uses his voice to help promote peace and goodwill.

Danai Gurira (Michonne)


  • Poverty
  • Sexism
  • HIV/AIDS among African Women

Also works with:

Danai clearly has bigger and more important monsters to slay even when the cameras stop rolling.

Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon)

Furry cause:

Who knew Daryl had such a soft spot for cute critters?

Laurie Holden (Andrea)



That is a level of real-life badassery that I hope to one day aspire to.

Most Of Rick's Crew


Here they are, pushing the world to be ivory free: all pretty damn awesome, if you ask me. It's great to see that a good portion of the cast is using their fame and fortune to better the lives of everyone all around the world.

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