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Warning: This article contains spoilers from The Walking Dead Season 7.

The Walking Dead delivered yet another action packed episode this past Sunday night, as Rick and the gang found themselves surrounded by a new group of survivors. As the tension built Rick met the leader of the group Jadis and found himself in one-on-one combat with a terrifying walker named Winslow. Elsewhere, Carol and Daryl reunited and he surprising refrained from telling her the truth about what happened to Glenn and Abraham.

However, despite the huge steps the writers took in this episode to further the war against Negan, there was one thing that seemed to get on everybody's nerves and, for once, it wasn't the pacing of the show. Jadis introduced Rick to the 'Up Up Up' — the very top of the highest trash pyramid in the junkyard — and as our protagonist looked around, viewers were rather distracted by the backdrop.

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

Many viewers were bewildered by the seemingly cheap looking backdrop and wasted no time in making their opinions known. However, before we assume that these internet users merely have eagle eyes, there may actually be some truth to these rather bold — and hilarious — tweets. The Walking Dead has heavily used CGI in the past and we've never had any issue with it. From beheadings to Shiva the CGI tiger to large herds of walkers, we've never questioned the authenticity of the imagery before now.

Even to those of us who viewed the latest episode in standard definition, the computer generated backdrop was unmissable. Many of the viewers who voiced their disdain at the show's poor CGI noted that The Walking Dead's large production value should allow the AMC hit better quality of computer generated imagery. As always, The Walking Dead fans didn't hold back with their opinions — let's take a look at some of the greatest tweets from peeved viewers.

Re-watch Rick take on Winslow the Walker in this epic Walking Dead clip:

Craving more Walking Dead? Sink your teeth into these:

As you can see, some of the viewers were incredibly creative with their insults, calling the CGI 'trash' — which is literally what Rick was standing on top of during the scene. The insults only got worse as more people viewed the episode around the world and whether you agree with the comments you've got to love social media users for their hardcore honesty.

The Walking Dead has won millions of hearts all over the world during the past seven seasons but it seems that the CGI used in the latest episode has pissed off a lot of the show's fans. Arguably one of the biggest shows on , I think it's a general consensus that the fans expected more from a show like The Walking Dead.

Remember, this isn't network television, it's AMC and many television viewers put The Walking Dead up there with HBO juggernaut Game Of Thrones. Now it seems the big difference between these two shows is the CGI budget because if there's one thing that you can always count on Game Of Thrones for, it's the impeccable computer generated imagery.

Oh well, the viewers may have spoken but with the impending war against Negan it's not like we're really going to remember this mishap. The Walking Dead is building up tension and with the Saviors returning to our screens in next week's episode, things are going to get much worse for Rick and the group before they improve. Let's just hope that when things do get better, so does the CGI!


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