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WARNING: Spoilers for The Walking Dead 4x01 30 Days Without an Accident to follow.

Boy, sometimes it sure is great to have shows like Talking Dead. Although host may not be the most universally beloved TV personality ever, his questions to showrunners and actors in Talking Dead (and the brief stint on Talking Bad) sometimes go a long ways to clarify plot details to a sometimes confused audience.

In this case, Chris had and on his aftershow, and the topic discussed was the mystery surrounding Clara's husband.

You'll remember that Clara is a lady Rick stumbles upon in the woods in the season premiere. At first, Rick thinks she is a walker, but Clara's speaking abilities convince him otherwise. The woman starts telling Rick about her husband Eddie, and asks him if the couple can join the group. Rick says he'll think about it, but that first he must meet this Eddie and ask him three questions. As soon as Rick gets to Clara's campsite, she tries to stab him with a knife. When that murder attempt is foiled, Clara confesses she just had to feed Eddie (who is never shown on camera, but presumed to be a walker). Clara ends up stabbing herself.

In Talking Dead, Hardwick confirmed that was in Clara's bag was Eddie's zombie head. However, the producers decided to leave that gruesome image up to the audience's imaginations. Gimple elaborated:

No actually, and it's funny. I thought that would be a thing. I thought people would be saying maybe we should see the head. And I remember talking to , who directed this episode amazingly... but I remember Greg saying like, 'No way.'

He added:

Greg makes the most amazing zombies in the world. There's only one group of people that can maybe make better zombies and that's like the audience's imagination sometimes, the things they don't see. And we were both down with not showing the zombie, not showing Eddie's head ever.

Gimple also revealed the accidental inclusion of a mildly funny pun in the episode (before Eddie's walker status became apparent):

On the way to the camp, Clara said: 'It's just a head.' That was sort of a scumbag brain moment where you’re writing and then you see the line that you just wrote and you’re like, ‘Oh yeah, that’s fine. Well done, brain.’ But then you have a moment of reflection in the dark of your office, and you’re kind of like, “Yeah, you know what, keep it, let’s do this.’

Watch the video of this Talking Dead segment below:


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