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Ever since Tom Payne's character Jesus turned up on The Walking Dead way back in Season 6, we've had one burning question on our minds: would the show remain faithful to the comic books and make the character gay? This question was finally answered during the seventh season when Jesus revealed his sexuality to Maggie. Now, fans have another question on their minds: when will the long haired character get a boyfriend?

We can't see Jesus not getting a boyfriend. Let's face it — he's a catch: he's handsome, strong and has the best fighting skills of all of the survivors on the show. What's not to love?

While we're not sure if TV Jesus is looking for love, it appears that his comic book counterpart has found a boyfriend. However, there's a pretty big twist: Issue #169 of The Walking Dead comics saw Jesus get a boyfriend, but not just any old boyfriend — it's Aaron.

[Credit: Image Comics]
[Credit: Image Comics]

Considering The Walking Dead Season 7 was rather faithful to the comic books with the death of Glenn and Negan's reign of terror, we can't help but wonder if a Jesus and Aaron relationship could be on the cards for the TV series too?

Will Jesus and Aaron Hook Up On The Show?

The Walking Dead television series is known for its deviations from the original comic book series, so there is no reason to suggest that we won't see more deviations in the future. However, one could argue that Season 7 of the TV series was incredibly faithful to the Negan arc seen in the comics — and, as a result, the show could be planning on staying faithful to the comics for the foreseeable future, meaning that a Jesus/Aaron relationship could be in the cards.

Having said that, while we would absolutely love Jesus and Aaron to get together, our hopes of Team Jaaron may be dashed by one tiny detail: Aaron still has a boyfriend. Eric is still very much alive and well on the show, so chances are that the two characters won't be hooking up anytime soon. However, in the comic books, Eric is killed during the All Out War arc which, surprisingly, has yet to happen on the show.

The Season 7 finale saw Negan rallying his troops to invade Alexandria, so there's no doubt that war is coming in Season 8. Eric may get caught in the crossfire, leaving room for Jesus and Aaron to become romantically involved in the future.

Would you like to see Aaron and Jesus hook up on The Walking Dead TV series? Tell us in the comment section below.

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