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Fans of The Walking Dead TV series are accustomed to the violence and danger the characters encounter on a regular basis, but some viewers may be surprised that the comics are totally next level. The book series, which has been around since 2003, takes the characters through horrific yet compelling storylines and ghastly situations that the TV show may not even be allowed to explore, even with laid-back network censorship like that which is offered by .

Note: Spoilers regarding The Walking Dead comic book series below.

With that creative freedom, writer Robert Kirkman has created a slew of bizarre characters, including a new one featured on an upcoming cover, and possibly referred to as the "Princess" of the title.

Issue 171, titled "Fear the Princess," introduces a previously unseen woman who looks raring to go, with her snarling facial expression and machine gun at the ready. We assume this to be "Princess" and she would be a difficult character to forget, considering her wild purple hair, goggles and furry pink jacket. Since there is no further information regarding this cover girl, who could she possibly be? We have a few educated guesses.

1. Stephanie From Ohio

In a recent comic book story arc, Eugene has been in contact via radio with a woman from the Buckeye State. They have made ground rules about what kind of information they can share with each other regarding their respective communities, but the mutual trust has grown enough for her to reveal her name as Stephanie. Is it possible the group encounters Princess, who happens to be Stephanie? This situation could be plausible, considering Eugene revealed his location and the survivors venture out of Alexandria and so are capable of crossing paths with new groups. Her character is also wearing cold-weather clothes, which could make sense for crisp Ohio.

2. Ezekiel's Family Member

Another option would be that Princess is a member of "King" Ezekiel's family tree. They both look to be fans of eccentric get-ups and exaggerated royal personas. Could Princess be on the hunt to find her relative (who unfortunately met his end in the comics)? It would be interesting to fill the void left by with a member of his family.

3. A New Villain

The third, and my personal favorite option, would be that Princess is a new villain the Alexandrian survivors will face. We had and then Alpha in the comics, but tends to switch things up so that stories don't stagnate — so why not add a new badass female villain into the mix? The issue does include the word "fear" in its title, while the tagline asks, "Who is she and what does she want?" All signs point to this character being disinterested in allying with our survivors — or could it be a red herring?

Whoever Princess is, here's hoping we eventually see her in live action on the . Readers only have a few months before we get our answers, with Issue 171 hitting stands on September 6. If you're patiently waiting for the TV series to return to AMC in October, now might be the perfect time to delve into the comic series.

Who do you think "Princess" is? Tell us in the comments below.

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