ByAbi Toll, writer at
Abi Toll

When The Walking Dead creator appeared in conversation with earlier this year, the chat show host revealed his deepest desire: to play the part of a celebrity zombie. Conan revealed:

In this world a Conan O’Brien could exist, why couldn’t there be a dead zombie Conan O’Brien talk show host who shuffles through?

Kirkman's response was that all the celebrities would probably have been eaten first, as zombies would rather eat celebrities rather than mere mortals. Zombie logic is impeccable.

Suffice it to say that Conan is still pursuing his pipedream of a Walking Dead appearance, which was made apparent on Thursday night when he grilled his guest, actress (who plays Maggie on The Walking Dead) on how to become a zombie extra in the show.

Would you like to see Conan O'Brien on an episode of The Walking Dead?



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