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Although at first he seemed like traditional zombie fodder, I actually became quite attached to Axel in The Walking Dead Season 3. Of course, I didn't expect him to survive, but I did think we'd see the ex-convict lead some kind of redemptive storyline. As it turns out he was unceremoniously shot in the noggin by the Governor.

Of course, I wasn't the only one to be disappointed with his departure. At the recent FandomFest event in Kentuncky, Lew Temple, who plays Axel, gave his thoughts. He explained:

I adore Axel. I felt really proud with what we did with him, and there was more to do for Axel and with Axel. As me, Lew Temple, I'm going to hopefully go on and continue to work, but Axel is all done. I was disappointed to have him fall by the wayside.

However, there is a chance Axel will come back from the dead — but probably not as you'd expect. Temple explained that Axel could potentially return to our screens in a flashback:

I know that I've had conversations, and they've had conversations with me about the possibility of the prison riot, when it all went down, coming back to film that, a flashback scene if you will. I think they would have done better to do that if they had kept one of us to tell that story. But who knows? Maybe, they'll find that somehow or another.

Personally, I don't feel super-optimistic about this happening. Sure, it would be a cool scene to see, but with none of the prison survivors still around, it might not add a whole lot to Season 4's story.

What do you think? Would you like to see a prison riot flashback, or are you more concerned with what actually happens during Season 4? Let me know below.


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