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Sunday night isn't far away now, but good guy Greg Nicotero has posted a sneak peek of what's to come for those Walking Dead fans who just can't wait.

Season 7 has had its fair share of tribute walkers, and Nicotero's about to add another to the list. The horror buff has hinted at the possibility of a Creepshow tribute walker appearing in the next Walking Dead episode— check it out:

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Still A Romero Fanboy At Heart

Creepshow was a hilarious 1982 horror-comedy film, and Stephen King's first venture into screenwriting. It was also directed by the "Godfather of the Dead" himself, George A. Romero. The tribute walker looks to be a copy of the undead ticket peddler from the film's poster. Can you see the resemblance?

[Credit: Greg Nicotero Instagram/Warner Bros.]
[Credit: Greg Nicotero Instagram/Warner Bros.]

This isn't the first time Nicotero's paid tribute to Romero on . His Night of the Living Dead tribute walker was sadly cut from an episode last season, though he managed to make up for it with a Day of the Dead walker this season.

He's also included a Creepshow Easter Egg back in Season 5— now that's one dedicated fanboy. Who knows what will be next?

Creepy Carnival

Judging from what we've seen of the Season 7 Episode 12 promo, Rick and Michonne are going to explore what looks like a carnival. It sounds like a super cute date for this badass power couple, except for all the zombies threatening to ruin their fun day at the fair.

Nicotero's tribute walker might be an attendant at an admission booth or even a ride. Let's hope he doesn't get in the way of Rick using his shooting skills to win his lady a stuffed animal!

Do you think this walker might cause trouble for Rick and Michonne?


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