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Season 4 has been a Roller Coaster ride for Michonne so far on The Walking Dead. We've witnessed her going through some serious high's and unfathomable low's: if she's not gleefully jovial then she’s crying into baby Judith's pram, which is kind of ironic.

So with the mid-season premiere about to commence, what's the bad ass zombie slayer to do now that the prison has been destroyed?

EW have asked Michonne () to answer some of these questions as well as to tell us what we can expect for the final 8 episodes of season 4.

Danai Gurira on:

Where we are currently at in season 4?

She didn’t see any hope in the Governor's transformation or redemption. To get to the point where all that is lost is severely traumatic for her. What happens to Hershel right next to her, in her presence, something that she couldn’t prevent, that for her is extremely traumatic. You know she likes to take care of business. She had just started to slip into being a member of the community and plugging in and that is huge for her. It’s revolutionary for her. So the loss is pretty extreme.

The ramifications of Hershel's savage execution?

I mean, really what everyone has to do is process and survive. But they have to survive, and will they even have the time or space to process? Of course they live in an apocalypse where there’s no more walls and there’s no more protection, so how is everybody going to handle this loss? It could go any which way. How do we navigate this world while still trying to metabolize all these losses and grievances?

Michonne's future discoveries:

What’s interesting for Michonne is that she is on the tip of something. She was on the tip of something in those first eight episodes. Was she going to settle in? Was she starting to open up? Then the trauma hit and I think the big question is, will this clam her back up or open her up? It’s a question of going back to the old her or going on a different path.

With the final eight episodes of the season commencing on Feb. 9, will you be tuning in to watch The Walking Dead to find out which way Michonne will turn?

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