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The Walking Dead's Daryl Dixon is certainly a man of mystery, and that includes his sexuality. His sexual orientation has been the subject of speculation for seasons now, fueled by rumors of a pending romance to Jesus, one of the show's gay characters.

Some fans have written it off as nothing more than talk, but Norman Reedus has finally spilled the beans and revealed that Daryl Dixon was indeed meant to be gay— "prison gay", that is:

"There was a time on the show where Frank [Darabont] was going to have me be gay, but he won't admit it. If he admits it's like he'll kill you."

The Walking Dead [Credit: AMC]
The Walking Dead [Credit: AMC]

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Daryl Dixon Is Gay?!

In an interview with The Mirror, Norman Reedus revealed that whilst at a party, writer Frank Darabont asked his opinion on Daryl being gay— and Reedus was totally into the idea:

"We were there and he said, 'what do you think if we made Daryl gay?' and I was like, 'let's do it, let's do it!' He was like, 'I knew I picked the right guy for this job!'"

Mind you, this was around seven years ago, and we still haven't seen a big reveal yet. has seen its fair share of gay characters, and Jesus is expected to come out any day now. Could we see a Jesus-Daryl romance?

Reedus says he's "down for it" if that's what the writers choose to do, as Jesus is "a cute guy"— not to mention the two "definitely share a special relationship". However, Greg Nicotero shut down that rumor once and for all during the Walker Stalker Cruise this year.

What The Hell Is "Prison Gay"?

The Walking Dead [Credit: AMC]
The Walking Dead [Credit: AMC]

Don't worry, Reedus admitted he didn't know what the hell that is either. It's apparently a term for people who explore same-sex relationships whilst incarcerated, but only in prison. Hey, sexuality isn't always black and white.

But the thing is, Daryl's never spoken about being locked up. His older brother Merle certainly did some time in his younger years, but not Daryl. Could it be that the big gay reveal was meant to happen when Daryl and the group were living in the prison in Season 3 or 4?

Season 4 was also when Daryl and Beth became close after fleeing the prison. Their relationship left some fans questioning wether a romance was budding between the two; however, Beth's untimely death left that question hanging.

But What About Carol?

The Walking Dead [Credit: AMC]
The Walking Dead [Credit: AMC]

Beth may be gone (not to mention potentially underage), but Daryl's still got his main gal: Carol. The pair have a very special relationship, with some fans praying for the two to finally hook up and take things to the next level.

Reedus neither confirmed nor denied this possibility, though he did say that their relationship is "playing out exactly how it should." Could he be more cryptic?

That's not to say a gay reveal is off the table for Daryl. According to Digital Spy, Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman penned a response to a fan asking about Daryl's sexuality in Issue 130 of the comics:

"All I can say is that it's been discussed. We have very specific ideas about Daryl's sexuality (or the seeming lack thereof), and if there's ever a quiet period in the show where he's not consistently distracted by crossbowing… we'll tackle it in the show."

Do you think Daryl will be revealed as gay on The Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead [Credit: AMC]
The Walking Dead [Credit: AMC]

(Source: The Mirror, Digital Spy)


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