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, who plays the Governor on AMC's zombie drama The Walking Dead, gave an interview to the LA Times recently and took us on a journey to the dark soul of the leader of Woodbury. When asked why the Governor had gone bad, Morrissey revealed:

There’s a sense during Season 3 the Governor could have slipped to the side of the angels if he wanted to. He could be a good force for change. Things happened and he listened to the darker side of himself, certainly when his daughter is taken away from him so brutally. And his daughter was his humanity. She embodied his humanity. She was his gateway to the past. She was filled with happy memories. She was the best of him. Once she’s taken away form him in a cruel and brutal way in front of his eyes, that’s what tips him into a darker brutal person, out for seeking revenge.

The Governor in the television show is a much more nuanced character than the one in the comics, which arrives fully formed and fully evil. His story is similar to that of Rick's (), with both of them losing family members and also being leaders of their groups. He is the dark to Rick's light, a symbol of what you can become if power, grief and vengeance corrupt you completely.

With the war between Woodbury and the prison drawing ever nearer and with massive loss of life expected on both sides, what chance of the Governor surviving and coming back for Season 4? On this point Morrissey is much more coy, admitting:

I can’t say whether I’m coming back to the show... I can’t say whether I’m in Season 4 or not. You’ll have to have to wait until the end of Episode 16 to see if I actually get through Season 3.

Rick and the Governor can't live side by side in harmony. Something has to give and I can't wait to find out what.

The Walking Dead returns Sunday 9/8c on AMC.



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