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Walking Dead fans may have been holding out hope for Eugene after he joined the dark side, but it looks like he may have just failed us all. Despite Sasha and Rosita abandoning their hasty assassination attempt to try and bust Eugene out, the cowardly Doctor Smarty Pants didn't exactly react the way they'd hoped.

So what does this mean? Has Eugene joined the Saviors for real, and sided with Negan? Is he really a traitor? Or does he have a plan up his sleeve? Let's take a look at the possibilities:

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He's Still Got A Plan

The Walking Dead [Credit: AMC]
The Walking Dead [Credit: AMC]

In case you hadn't heard yet, Eugene is super smart. Do you really think he hasn't got something cooking up in that big brain of his? He's only been at the Sanctuary for a short while, but he's been given some pretty big responsibilities. He's sold himself as a loyal Negan, but it might still take some time for him to be fully trusted.

It would be foolish for Eugene to reveal that his loyalties still lie with Rick so soon. If he continues to go along with his "I am Negan" schtick, he has the advantage of getting even closer to the big bad, providing him with the perfect opportunity to take him down from the inside. Don't write him off just yet!

He Hasn't Figured Out What He's Doing Yet

The Walking Dead [Credit: AMC]
The Walking Dead [Credit: AMC]

For a moment there it really seemed like Eugene and Dwight were about to team up against Negan, which would have made them the most unlikely duo since Abraham and Eugene. But Dwight's bounced back to Alexandria with Rosita, and suddenly Eugene's all on his lonesome. Not to mention he wasn't exactly expecting Rosita and Sasha to rock up to the Sanctuary, guns ablaze.

Now, in typical Eugene style, he's bumbling his way through Plan B. Truth be told, he probably was planning on using those poison pills on Negan, but in a moment of desperation he passed them on to a friend in need— Sasha. Instead of branding him a traitor, perhaps we should instead just give him a little more time to redeem himself; although it'll be hard to forgive him a second time after that whole Washington incident.

He's Actually Just A Coward

The Walking Dead [Credit: AMC]
The Walking Dead [Credit: AMC]

Let's face it: Eugene has never, ever been one for bravery. Like, ever. He can't even contain the pure terror on his face in literally any situation, whether that's facing a walker head-on or having a tense conversation with Rosita. As we saw with his elaborate Human Genome Project lie, he'll use anyone he can to get by in life. Why? Because he's not the toughest cookie in the jar.

While this may paint Eugene as the worst survivor in the entire apocalypse, don't forget that this is how he's managed to stay alive for so long: by siding with the right people. In fact, his survival instincts are what's kept him safe and protected. It's a low act, but it's still damn smart. In the world of , loyalty and emotion are often what will get you killed.

Do you think Eugene has betrayed Rick, or does he have another plan in mind?


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