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(WARNING: This article contains spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 11)

In the most recent episode of The Walking Dead, viewers returned to The Sanctuary, in the aftermath of Daryl's escape. This time, we saw Negan's stronghold through the eyes of Eugene, who was last seen when took him from Alexandria in the mid-season finale. Eugene, who has skills Negan needs, was given a much warmer welcome than Daryl. Rather than being thrown into a cell, Eugene was immediately given his own room, complete with luxuries such as a stereo and retro video game system.

By episode's end, Eugene seemed to switch to the dark side, proudly declaring himself "Negan." Has Eugene really turned, though? One key moment in the episode may hint that he is playing the game, while remaining firmly on Team Rick.

Gathering Supplies

After Negan's wives enlist Eugene's help in making a suicide pill for the deeply depressed Amber, Eugene sets about gathering the supplies he needs. Inventing the position of "Chief Engineer" for himself, he uses his new position of power to jump a line of workers, claiming the cold and flu capsules he needs for the suicide pill, among a collection of other items.

One of these items was an unusual looking handmade soft toy that Eugene dubs a "Grimblygunk." What reason would Eugene have for taking a toy? A comfort object for himself? Or, maybe...

A Gift

Toys are in short supply in the Apocalypse. It is entirely possible that Eugene, anticipating an eventual return to Alexandria, took the Grimblygunk as a gift for Rick's baby daughter, Judith. During his conversation with Dwight in the episode's final scene, Eugene has the Grimblygunk in his pocket. He could be keeping the toy as a constant reminder of home, and the family that he is fighting to get back to.


What do you think? Did Eugene take the Grimblygunk for Judith?


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