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has been so good at its sly (and sometimes spaghetti-related) in-jokes the last couple of seasons. Daryl promised Denise he would try to find some Orange Crush soda for her girlfriend, Tara, on his supply run back in Season 6, and bam! Red-headed Abraham Ford dies a few episodes later. That's an one of those things that turned out to be a spoiler, albeit an unintentional and morbid one.

And after all those seasons of Carl not staying in the house like he was told, he leaves the house in the first half of Season 7, hitches a ride to The Sanctuary and guns down some of the Saviors, and Rick doesn't even notice that he wasn't in the house.

Apparently, in last Sunday's episode, writers felt they were long overdue for a dick joke.

Don't remember any jokes about junk? Check out this scene from the tail-end of the episode.

Still not ringing a bell? I'll be glad to help jog your memory. Think back to last season: Denise, Rosita, and Daryl go on a supply run (where Denise finally finds that Orange Crush, incidentally). Unfortunately, she gets killed by Dwight the same way Abraham dies in the comics. Here's the scene that should get your bell ringing.

Don't blame yourself; a lot of people didn't catch that in-your-face and in-Dwight's-face callback to Eugene biting Dwight's manbits. Eugene even mentions the incident, and then proceeds to chomp down on the pickle. And Dwight? We can't be completely sure if he got it, either. But he did have this look after Eugene said, “We are Negan.”

"Dude..." [Credit: AMC]
"Dude..." [Credit: AMC]

It was either a look that said, "Holy crap, he actually just said 'we're Negan'" or a look that said, "Did he just take a bite out of that pi...that sonofabitch."

Only Dwight knows for sure!

And it turns out, Eugene, played by Josh McDermitt, knew exactly what he was doing. In an interview with Huffington Post, the actor said the moment was totally intentional:

"Eugene’s a fan of pickles, but for the rest of us, we understood the symbolism there. It was not lost on us,"

Yes, yes I did. Credit: AMC
Yes, yes I did. Credit: AMC

So, yep, there you go. Another blink and you'll miss it dirty Walking Dead joke.

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