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I know we've got a lot of Walking Dead fans here on Moviepilot, but would any of you let the living dead invade the happiest day of your life? That's exactly what Thomas Ehmer and Abby Riggs did when they tied the knot at a special zombie wedding ceremony.

As part of Muncie, Indiana's second The Zombie Walk event, the couple decided to shamble down the aisle into unholy matrimony. The entire congregation, including the wedding officiant Brian Blair, donned make-up and ragged clothes for the event. The groom Ehmer explained:

Abby (Riggs, the bride) and I have been pretty much into the zombie thing for a while and when I said to her, 'Let's have a zombie wedding at the Zombie Walk,' she agreed. We've both been married before, so we know how serious weddings usually are and we wanted to do something that was fun. Something people would remember.

Check out the happy undead couple in the video below:

(via USAToday)

The groom also added that although he thought his new wife was beautiful, he really fell in love with her for her braaaaaains! (OK, he didn't really say that, but it's a good joke, right?)

What do you think? Would you ever take your love of zombies that far? Let me know in the comments section below.


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