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The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 2 was filled with exciting moments as Rick and the gang waged open war against Negan and the Saviors. Although Rick’s group gained the upper hand in the first episode, Episode 2 proved that Negan’s forces weren’t going down so easily.

Note: This article contains spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 2.

The episode showed several different assaults on The Saviors' bases and outposts by our favorite survivors. Fans delighted at Morgan going full John Wick and King Ezekiel teaching Carol what it takes to keep your spirits up when the world seems to be against you. But most fans were intrigued by Rick and Daryl’s mission in one of the Savior hideouts.

Somehow, Rick and Daryl had obtained a cryptic note about something inside the Savior base and they decided to take a two-man team in to secure it. The whole ordeal was a bit confusing and many people wondered where Rick got the note and what it said. As The Walking Dead sometimes does, the show gave us these answers, but in a very sneaky way.

Where Did Rick And Daryl Get The Note?

The Walking Dead [Credit: AMC]
The Walking Dead [Credit: AMC]

At the end of The Walking Dead Season 7, Dwight (whom fans love to hate) decided to be a double agent and promised Rick and Daryl that he would help them in the coming war. We've only seen Dwight a few times this season, but in one of those scenes he gave Daryl a note. We didn’t know what the note said at the time, but it was definitely the information Rick had in Episode 2.

So, Dwight lived up to his promise to help Team Rick by giving them insider information regarding something in the hideout. Now that we know Dwight gave them the note, the next question becomes, where did the note say?

What Did Rick's Note Say?

The Walking Dead [Credit: AMC]
The Walking Dead [Credit: AMC]

Even though the note Dwight provided was shown on screen, it was still fairly cryptic. The note had a few written words, but it was mostly symbols that seemed random to fans. In actuality, the note was filled with schematics about the building, along with information regarding where the guards would be as well as items that Rick and Daryl were trying to secure—some of the Savior's "Heavy Weapons", which will be useful in their war.

Dwight definitely delivered on his info. Although the note looked a bit confusing, it was a perfect layout of the Savior outpost including a detailed map of each floor including and notes on how they should navigate the building. Above the map, Dwight left a note that said, "The heavy guns are kept at Shephard Office Plaza, including a Browning .50 Cal." He also left tips below: "The building is 4 floors which are usually empty during days and there are no upper lookouts because of roof damage."

The note appeared to be several pages that also told them where the three guards would be and a specific instruction that lead to Daryl climbing up the elevator shaft. Although Dwight’s instructions and layout were spot-on, the plan still went sideways when Rick ran into an old friend from Atlanta, who called for back-up and held Rick at gunpoint before the episode ended.

There are a still a lot of questions that need to be answered regarding Rick’s war against the Saviors, but so far, this season has been filled a lot of action. We don’t know how Rick and Daryl will escape the Savior’s outpost and what they were planning to do with the weapons. Whether Rick’s group needs the guns, or they just want to keep them away from the Saviors is yet to be seen, but either option makes a lot of sense.

Hopefully, the show will continue to be as exciting as the first two episodes, but for now, this has been the most exciting season yet.

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