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Warning: This article contains spoilers from The Walking Dead Season 7.

The Walking Dead has been on the air for seven seasons now and despite being long in the tooth, the AMC hit series shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. Following Rick Grimes and friends through the post apocalyptic zombie infested world, The Walking Dead has seen a lot of characters come and go over the years but our protagonist and his son Carl have managed to avoid crazy psychopaths and hungry walkers for many years now.

However, despite no signs of a conclusion in sight, that hasn't stopped fans from speculating how The Walking Dead will end and the latest fan theory is one of the craziest yet.

MOVIEIdol on Youtube has suggested that The Walking Dead isn't actually happening in real time. Instead, it's a story that is being retold by Carl Grimes — Rick's son — as a much older man. Sounds crazy? A little, but not as much as you might think. Let's take a look below.

The 'Old Man Carl' Theory

In this theory, MOVIEIdol explains that the show is actually a retelling of events, told by an aged Carl from much later in the future. You might be quick to argue that this doesn't make sense because Rick is the protagonist of the show but MOVIEIdol has a explanation for this — Rick is Carl's father and, although they've had their ups and downs in the past, Rick ultimately is Carl's hero and that's why we follow the story from Rick's point of view.

MovieIDOL predicts that when The Walking Dead does come to an end, it will conclude with the death of Rick Grimes before cutting to the "present" to see Old Man Carl alone — he is the last remaining survivor. Moreover, the theory also encapsulates the fact that Carl gets a lot more screen time than some of the other characters and upon further reflection, this actually rings true. Although there are a few inconsistencies, such as Carl not being present for all of the action, MovieIDOL does a good job at explaining a way around them. Watch the video above to hear the theory in it's entirety.

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Could This Theory Come To Pass?

Will Rick Grimes ever die? [Credit: AMC]
Will Rick Grimes ever die? [Credit: AMC]

At first, the idea sounds a little unrealistic but the more you think about it we could see it happen. Rick has avoided death so many times and, unless the group is destined to find a cure for the zombie disease, it seems that The Walking Dead will continue simply until Rick and the gang die. Unlike other TV series' like Game Of Thrones or Breaking Bad, there is no endgame in sight — the goal is survival and that's exactly what Rick is doing... for now.

As heartbreaking as the idea of Rick's death sounds, there is really no other alternative — the gang will continue to pursue a better life and better sanctuary until they die. It's interesting that this theory has popped up just when Chandler Riggs has confirmed that he has college aspirations, so if it does come to pass at least we know that Carl won't die if Riggs has to take a leave of absence.

We may never know how The Walking Dead will end — it could run forever and with the viewing figures that the current season is pulling in, it probably will. However, if we contemplate the reality of their situation, then there's not much of a future for Rick and the other survivors. Unless a cure finally comes along, this is the end of civiliation as we know it and the only way the show can end is for Rick — our protagonist — to die. If this is the case then I'd like to believe that Carl would continue to live. You may think that the Old Man Carl theory is crazier than Carol but the more I think about it, it doesn't sound that crazy at all.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9/8c. What do you make of the Old Man Carl Theory? Tell me in the comment section below.

(Source: MOVIEIdol via YouTube)