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Despite Aaron and Eric's serious vibes, the pair are at it again with the cute couple banter and heartfelt confessions in the latest episode of The Walking Dead. But after Aaron's sarcastic confession that he was leaving his boyfriend because he was "sick of being so damn happy at home", the conversation turned far more serious.

While you were busy praying for the show writers to please, please not kill off Alexandria's favorite pair, you might have missed a very important Easter Egg in their conversation:

What Did He Say?

It may not have been morse code, but there was still a cryptic message hidden in Eric and Aaron's exchange.

Eric, who's figured out the group's secret plan to take on the Saviors, discovers Aaron packing his bags for yet another dangerous mission— this time, to find Gabriel. But Eric knows it isn't that simple, especially considering the recent beating the Saviors inflicted on his beloved boyfriend. He begs Aaron to stay out of it, as he wants both of them to stay alive:

"You think this is about Gabriel, but it's gonna be more. It's always more."

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We've Heard That Line Before

The Walking Dead [Credit: AMC]
The Walking Dead [Credit: AMC]

may have some ongoing themes in most of its episodes, but this goes beyond consistent narrative. The mention of there being "more" is something that's been used in past episodes, and it has heavy implications for the characters involved.

The phrase has been used as both a message of hope and a dire warning. In Season 6 Episode 9, Rick was watching over Carl as he lay unconscious in bed after being shot by Ron. He then said the following, which caused Carl to squeeze his hand:

"We'll rebuild the walls. We'll expand the walls. There will be more. There's gotta be more. Everything Deanna was talking about... is possible. It's all possible. I see that now."

The Walking Dead [Credit: AMC]
The Walking Dead [Credit: AMC]

He said similar words to Maggie, who also looked to be on her death bed in Season 6 Episode 16. She was in the RV being driven to Hilltop for medical attention, with Rick encouraging her to hold on:

"You're gonna be okay. The baby's gonna be okay. This isn't it. This isn't it. There's more. There's gonna be more."

To which Maggie replied, "I believe in you, Rick."

Far From Hopeful

The Walking Dead [Credit: AMC]
The Walking Dead [Credit: AMC]

While the idea of there being "more" to hope for sounds inspiring, Rick's words came back to haunt him. There certainly was more waiting for both Carl and Maggie— and that was the wrath of the Saviors.

In The Cell, the infamous episode from Season 7a, Sherry catches Daryl escaping, and tries to warn him of what will happen:

"Whatever he's done to you, there's more. There's always more. You won't get away. And when you're back, it'll be worse."

Sherry knows all too well what "more" there is in store for anyone hoping to improve their situation. It's utterly depressing, but it's the reality of the world they live in now.

Even Fear the Walking Dead used the same line in one of their promos, warning that "there's always more to fear" for survivors of the apocalypse— especially Travis:

What Does This Mean?

If this really is a reference to other episodes, then things don't look good at all for Rick's group— especially Eric and Aaron. It's a possible foreshadowing of terrible things to come, and it's more than likely that Negan and the Saviors will be involved.

Worse yet, this could mean Rick's plan to take on the Saviors isn't going to go entirely to plan. Will Aaron heed Eric's warning, or is this duo already doomed?

Do you think Eric has predicted terrible things to come for Aaron and the group?

The Walking Dead [Credit: AMC]
The Walking Dead [Credit: AMC]

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