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With the introduction of a whole new community in this weeks episode of there was a ton to take in, but one detail that almost certainly passed you by was the familial connection to another character from the series.

That's right, while we have a lot of fictional family members in The Walking Dead, in Episode 2 we actually saw a real life sibling of a beloved and dearly departed character make their debut on the series!

Madison and Macsen Lintz in The Walking Dead
Madison and Macsen Lintz in The Walking Dead

Way back during the first two seasons of the show, Madison Lintz was the actress who played 's adorable daughter, Sophia. In fact, much of the second series revolved around finding a lost Sophia until it was revealed that she had died, and was being kept as a reanimated walker in the Greene family barn.

Now, five seasons later it's Madison's younger brother Macsen's turn to appear in the series, playing Henry, the broccoli-hating brother of Ben, Morgan's new apprentice.

This little dude - already way better than Sam [AMC]
This little dude - already way better than Sam [AMC]

Madison even celebrated her brother joining The Walking Dead family with an adorable throwback picture of the pair hanging out together on set back when Madison was on the show. Look how tiny Macsen was then!

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This isn't the first time The Walking Dead has kept it in the family, with Sonequa Martin-Green's (who plays Sasha) husband, Kenric Green, also having a recurring role as an Alexandria resident named Scott.

Kenric Green (right) plays Scott in the series [AMC]
Kenric Green (right) plays Scott in the series [AMC]

While we're not sure when either Henry (or Scott) will pop up in future episodes, the character has already won praise from viewers as a less annoying version of Sam (who was brutally ripped apart by walkers in Season 6), so here's hoping we see more of this little dude in the future!

The Walking Dead returns to AMC with Episode 3, "The Cell" on November 6.


Did you notice this connection in Episode 2?


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