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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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So many characters live, dream and die on The Walking Dead that it can be hard to keep up. Maybe it's justice or the cold, hard reality of life in a zombie apocalypse, but the bad guys on tend to get theirs in the end. Some bad guys are less bad than others, and even loved by fans — like Negan's plodding, bumbling henchman FAT JOEY!

Surprise fan favorite Joshua Hoover has gone to a better place now: Disneyland! A place where all your dreams come true (unlike Negan's Sanctuary), where the only thing that's likely to happen is a small ration of peanut butter and your boss grinning while groping your wife.

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Did Daryl do the right thing in smashing Fat Joey's head in when he escaped from the Saviors' Base in the Walking Dead mid-season finale "Hearts Still Beating"? OK, so "right and wrong" are slightly different concepts in the harsh world that Daryl et al live in, so let's focus instead on what Fat Joey could have brought to the team.

Perhaps he could have turned things around and become a valuable ally for Rick's group with his insider knowledge? The lovable lump was always more of a lackey than an evil-doer, so he'd probably bow to Rick's authority as fast as he would to Negan's — but is that sort of shameless thug someone Rick would want around, even if he could provide useful information?

Most of all, it's not about whether Daryl did the "right" thing, rather that he just couldn't take any chances. One false move and he would have blown his only chance of escape. RIP Fat Joey, your Twitter is blowing up with the love that you deserve!


Do you wish that Daryl had taken Fat Joey with him when he escaped Negan's Sanctuary?

Wait for February 2017, when The Walking Dead gang will RISE UP against their enemies:


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