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As dark and bleak of a show as The Walking Dead is, you would think it couldn't get any darker. But each season, something happens that proves that thought wrong. Entire families get wiped out, sometimes not even being killed by the dead. Brains get smooshed. More recently, Rick killed a Savior while he and Daryl stormed one of Negan's compounds, only to realize he just orphaned the man's infant daughter, Gracie. This gave birth to the most recent "Who will die?" fan theory, and this one is extremely dark, even by 's standards.

Note: This article contains spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 8, Episode 2 "The Damned."

What horrible, ugly cry-inducing TWD theory has the internet churned up this week?

Judith Has Died, And Baby Gracie Is In The 'Old Man Rick' Flash Forward

Before you scream, “That can't happen, baby Judith is a total badass!” and close out your tab or hit the back button, just hear me out; this is a fairly solid theory.

The YouTuber Make A Path Presents has a video that lays it all out, but here is the biggest hint that the child in the 'Old Man Rick' flash forward/dream sequence is actually Gracie, not Judith.

The Bunny

When Rick killed the Savior, it turned out the enemy was only trying to protect his baby daughter sleeping in the next room. When Rick found baby Gracie, he understandably broke down a bit. He'd just orphaned the baby girl, who most likely didn't have a living mother, either. But check out what's in Gracie's crib with her:

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

Look familiar? It should. The child in the flash-forward scene (who we just assumed was Judith) in the house with old Rick, Michonne, and Carl was also carrying it when she ran around the corner:

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

It's the same. frickin. bunny.

This is just one point, but it's a point that makes you wonder just what the writers are going to do to our feels this time, this season. There are still a ton of questions, what-ifs, and maybes, like there always are with every fan theory. What if that was Judith, and Gracie has moved to the Hilltop and gave Judith the bunny as a going away present? Maybe Rick is raising both girls, and one or the other is just “playing hooky”, as Carl mentions in the sequence. Nobody in the sequence says the name "Judith", so who's to say that's actually Judith? Could actually be responsible for Judith's death?

All of those questions and more are asked in the video, pointing out that Rick is overcome with emotion in one flash forward, saying his mercy will prevail over his wrath. The loss he had just experienced is obviously huge, and there's a good chance it's bigger than Glenn, Abe, or anyone else that isn't a blood relative. Check out the video in its entirety here:

What do you think about this Judith/Gracie theory? Sound off in the comments!


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