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Sophie Atkinson

It's not been all that long since The Walking Dead Season 3 ended, but I'm getting a full blown walker withdrawal, so I was excited when a featurette about the making of Season 4 was released recently. Sadly, violence-aholics, there's little action onscreen - it's mostly just interviews with the production team about the changes in personnel at The Walking Dead HQ.

The roles are a-changin' behind the scenes - showrunner 's leaving The Walking Dead for pastures new, because of 'creative differences', whatever that means.

, who's been a part of the show's writing staff since Season 2 has been announced as the new showrunner. He seems like a very safe pair of hands, having been credited with key episodes including Season 2's midseason finale 'Pretty Much Dead Already' and Season 3's 'Hounded' (which brought together the Woodbury and prison storylines) as well as the penultimate episode of Season 3, 'The Sorrowful Life'. We look forward to watching him make his mark on the show!

There's another inhouse promotion,too. Greg Nicotero, who's usually in charge of special effects, has been promoted to executive producer and will be directing the Season 4 premiere. I don't know an awful lot about Greg, but everyone seems enthusiastic about him and it's a little infectious - how could anyone with a beard like that be any less than ridiculously talented? Also, after some googling, a fun factoid: his first work as a special effects make up artist was on 1985 zombie classic, Day of the Dead. How appropriate!

Check out the video - are you excited about all the new creative blood (or old blood in new roles)? Let me know below.

The Walking Dead will be back on your television in October - no concrete release date yet, but watch this space.


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