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Ever feel like The Walking Dead is getting a little too depressing? Sure, the zombie apocalypse is a pretty dark setting, but what's with all the glum faces? The characters on this show should take a leaf out of Negan's book and introduce some comedy to the equation.

Luckily someone got the memo and gave a whole new feel. Because if anything can help boost the show's declining ratings, it's the Friends opening theme.

Check out the mashup here:

It Hasn't Been Their Day, Their Week, Their Month Or Even Their Apocalypse

When you break it down, the Friends theme is a pretty fitting tune for the misadventures of Rick's group. It's very true that no one told them life was gonna be this way, and their love lives aren't the only thing that's DOA. But one thing's for certain: Negan will be there. He might not be there for them, but he'll definitely be there.

[Credit: The Woodcreek Faction]h
[Credit: The Woodcreek Faction]h

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Sound Familiar?

You might be thinking you've seen this gag before, and you're completely right. The Woodcreek Faction made another Walking Friends mashup for Season 6, and it was almost as hilarious as this one. Take a look:

It really makes you wonder how different The Walking Dead would be with the presence of Phoebe or Joey blundering their way through hordes of walkers, or Monica frantically scrubbing the blood stains out of everything.

Still Not As Cheery As Easy Street

Of course, there's only one cheerfully upbeat tune worthy of The Walking Dead: The Collapsable Hearts Club's 'Easy Street'. The unlikely torture track was played on repeat in 'The Cell', driving Daryl's psyche to its very limits.

Naturally, that was also appropriated into a less threatening open credits, letting us imagine a Walking Dead world where smiles aren't just restricted to one per season:


Which theme do you think best suits 'The Walking Dead'?

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