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Matt Carter

AMC's ratings smash The Walking Dead goes through showrunners quicker than a zombie munches through a breakfast of human corpses and fresh brains. was fired after a couple of episodes of Season 2, while will leave the show at the end of the current third season due to creative differences. The show has now found a new head honcho, with THR reporting that current executive producer will take over later this year when production on Season 4 begins.

Gimple has got tons of zombie-slaying experience already, having come on board at the beginning of Season 2 as a producer, which also coincided with a marked improvement in both the pacing and direction of the show. On top of that he's also written five episodes, including my all-time favorite "Pretty Much Dead Already", which saw an undead Sophia stumble out of Hershel's barn and get a bullet in the brain. If that's the standard of writing/drama/WTF that we can expect from Season 4, then I think the show is in very capable hands.

What do you think about Gimble becoming the new showrunner? Is he the right guy to take The Walking Dead forward? Drop a comment below.

The Walking Dead returns February 10th, 9/8c on AMC.



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