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From the first moments we heard him admonish Rick on the walkie talkie ("Hey you, dumbass. Yeah, you in the tank - cozy in there?"), we fell in love with Glenn Rhee. And even if his first act hadn't been to save Rick's life, there's no doubt that we still would have had the same affinity for the selfless and capable team member, who has added so much to over the years.

Having been in the series since Season 1, Glenn is one of a small group of people who have been in the show for its entire run. But given the cliffhanger in Season 6 it's possible that, sadly, his time could soon be up. But before we know Glenn's fate one way or the other, take a look at Glenn's journey over the course of The Walking Dead, and remember why it is that he's made such a crucial member of the squad.

Life before the apocalypse

Pre-apocalypse pizza boy, post-apocalypse bad ass [AMC]
Pre-apocalypse pizza boy, post-apocalypse bad ass [AMC]

We know a few details about Glenn's pre-apocalypse life, including that he was born in Michigan to Korean immigrant parents, and also had sisters. Sometime prior to the outbreak he moved to Atlanta, and was employed as a pizza delivery boy.

An asset to the group

Throughout the series Glenn has continually proved his usefulness. During Season 1 we learned he was making frequent trips into the city (he knew the layout well due to his time delivering pizzas) to gather food and supplies for the rest of the Atlanta group. In Season 2, Glenn learns how to fix vehicles — particularly RVs — from Dale, a skill which would once again come in handy during Season 5. In Season 3 he assisted in clearing out the jail of walkers, made supply runs, and showed his loyalty to Rick, when he backed up his decisions a number of times.

But Glenn's strength and knowledge aren't the only reason he's an asset. In Season 4, Glenn shows he's got a strong moral compass when he runs into Tara Chambler in the ruins of the prison. Although Tara has initially been a part of the Governor's group that lead the attack on the prison, he realizes she regrets it, and helps her escape in return for her help locating Maggie. Glenn is very principled through the series, and this was demonstrated well in Season 5 when he allowed Nicholas a second chance during their fight in the woods. It was only in Season 6, Episode 12 — during the campaign on the Saviors' compound — that Glenn first killed a human, the only one of our main group who hadn't until that point.

A family man

Glenn and Maggie in Season 2 [AMC]
Glenn and Maggie in Season 2 [AMC]

In Season 2, Glenn met Maggie Greene, and shortly after the two began a relationship. After the pair made their relationship known, Maggie's father, Hershel gave Glenn his family's pocket watch as a symbol of his blessing. Eventually Glenn finds a wedding ring (well, he cuts it off the hand of a walker) and proposes to Maggie, which she accepts. Although the two have their share of obstacles — including Glenn's recent near-death experience with Nicholas and the dumpster — the pair have always found their way back to each other, and now they're about to extend their small family with a baby.

Updated 10/24/2016:

The end of the road

Glenn Vs Lucille [AMC]
Glenn Vs Lucille [AMC]

With both Glenn and Maggie in Negan's lineup, our favorite Walking Dead couple was sadly broken up in the Season 7 premiere when Glenn was murdered by Negan.

It almost looked as though Glenn was to escape with his life intact, but unfortunately after Daryl lashed out, it was Glenn who was punished, and his life was claimed right in front of Maggie's eyes. Now a pregnant Maggie must seek medical attention quickly to ensure that she can hold onto the last reminder of Glenn - their unborn son (if the fantasy flash forward scene is to be believed) who will never meet his father.

Glenn and his son in the glimpse of the future that will never be [AMC]
Glenn and his son in the glimpse of the future that will never be [AMC]

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